Saturday, November 30, 2019

Stanford's Shaw & Players Talk Loss to IRISH

Coach Kelly Talks 45 - 24 Win Over Stanford

Here Are All of the 10-2 Ranked Teams...

Thought we'd start the argument right now -- these are all of the 10-2 teams in college football that are ranked ahead of Notre Dame in the College Football Playoff Rankings.

I ask the question -- does Notre Dame deserve to be ranked higher than any of these teams?

#5  ALABAMA -- beat 9 FBS teams
  • Wins over teams currently ranked:  0
  • Wins over FBS teams with 8+ wins:  0  
  • FBS opponents' wins:  65

#8  FLORIDA -- beat 8 FBS teams
  • Wins over teams currently ranked: 1
  • Wins over FBS teams with 8+ wins:  1
  • FBS opponents' wins: 70

#10  MINNESOTA -- beat 10 FBS teams
  • Wins over teams currently ranked: 1
  • Wins over FBS teams with 8+ wins:  2
  • FBS opponents' wins:  72

#12  PENN STATE -- beat 9 FBS teams
  • Wins over teams currently ranked: 2
  • Wins over FBS teams with 8+ wins: 3
  • FBS opponents' wins:  77

#13  WISCONSIN -- beat 10 FBS teams
  • Wins over teams currently ranked: 2
  • Wins over FBS teams with 8+ wins: 2
  • FBS opponents' wins:  82

#14  OREGON -- beat 9 FBS teams
  • Wins over teams currently ranked: 1
  • Wins over FBS teams with 8+ wins: 1
  • FBS opponents' wins:  69

#16  NOTRE DAME -- beat 10 FBS teams
  • Wins over teams currently ranked: 3
  • Wins over FBS teams with 8+ wins: 4
  • FBS opponents' wins:  81*  -- Navy still has one game to play

Bold connotes leader in this category.


Stanford's "Motivational Video" For Today...

Notre Dame takes on Stanford -- today at 4 PM ET on FOX.

Go Irish!

Friday, November 29, 2019

In Muffet's Fighting Irish's 4 Losses...

Here's what has transpired in the four games that Notre Dame has lost so far this season -- as you'll see, something different each night has cost the Irish...

  • Notre Dame shot poorly from the field:  31.4%
  • Tennessee shot great from the field:  47.1%
  • Tennessee made 42.1% of their three point attempts // Notre Dame hit 28%
  • Tennessee had 15 offensive rebounds to Notre Dame's 11
  • Tennessee took 8 more foul shots than Notre Dame

  • Notre Dame out shot MSU -- 48% to 40.3%
  • MSU made 8 three pointers to Notre Dame's 3 (yet ND hit a higher percentage)
  • Notre Dame took 15 more free throw attempts than MSU -- but missed 13 of them
  • MSU had 20 offensive rebounds to Notre Dame's 13
  • Notre Dame blocked 8 shots to MSU's 4 blocks

  • Florida Gulf Coast made 9 three pointers to Notre Dame's 3
  • Florida Gulf Coast had 14 offensive rebounds to Notre Dame's 7
  • Notre Dame had 25 turnovers to Florida Gulf Coast's 10
  • Florida Gulf Coast took 71 shots compared to 49 for Notre Dame
  • Notre Dame out shot Florida Gulf Coast 46.9% to 38% 

  • Notre Dame was 1 for 17 from behind the three point line
  • South Dakota State had 18 offensive rebounds to Notre Dame's 5
  • South Dakota State had 22 turnovers to Notre Dame's 10

Just a FYI -- Notre Dame's women's basketball program has not lost more than 4 games since the 2010-11 season.  That year they ended up going 31 - 8, losing the NCAA Championship game to Texas A&M...

It's Been 26 Years Since Notre Dame...

The last time Notre Dame football won at least 10 games in three straight seasons was 1991-1993...

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving From Notre Dame!

Every year, our storytelling team produces a Thanksgiving story...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Notre Dame's P.A. Annoucner -- Doing Okay

Mike Collins '67 -- the longtime public address announcer at Notre Dame Stadium had to step away from the microphone at halftime of Saturday's game with Boston College...

Here's why...


OT: A Huge Upset in College Basketball

They are calling it the "biggest upset in college basketball in 15 years..."

Stephen F. Austin defeated #1 Duke -- breaking a 150 game home winning streak for the Blue Devils against non-conference opponents.

Fairleigh Dickinson Coach Confesses His Sin...

Notre Dame vs. The Teams Ahead -- To Top 10

Well, it appears the College Football Playoff Committee must have watched just one Notre Dame game this year -- and it was on a cold, rainy night in Ann Arbor...

As we stand today -- there are six teams between us and a TOP TEN finish -- which would guarantee us a New Year's Six Bowl Game.

The odds are definitely against us -- but that's okay.  Here's a "Notre Dame view" of the resumes of the teams ahead of us in the College Football Playoff Rankings -- and, what needs to happen this weekend in college football for our Fighting Irish to move up:

  • 9-2 on the season
  • Signature win: #13 Michigan
  • Losses to: #1 Ohio State and #8 Minnesota
  • Games against FBS opponents: 10 -- played one FCS team
  • Wins over FBS teams with 8+ wins: 2
  • No chance of losing final game --- they play Rutgers 

  • 9-2 on the season
  • Signature win: #15 Auburn
  • Losses to: #2 LSU and #4 Georgia
  • Games against FBS opponents: 9 -- played two FCS teams 
  • Wins over FBS teams with 8+ wins: 1
  • They play Florida State -- Gators favored by 17.5 points

  • 9-2 on the season
  • Signature win:  #13 Michigan
  • Losses to: Illinois and #1 Ohio State
  • Games against FBS opponents: 11
  • Wins over FBS teams with 8+ wins: 2
  • They play at #8 Minnesota -- Wisconsin favored by 2.5 points 

  • 9-2 on the season
  • Signature win:  #16 Notre Dame
  • Losses to: #12 Wisconsin and #10 Penn State
  • Games against FBS opponents: 11
  • Wins over FBS teams with 8+ wins: 2
  • They play Ohio State -- Buckeyes favored by 9 points

#14  OREGON:
  • 9-2 on the season
  • Signature win: #22 USC
  • Losses to: #15 Auburn and Arizona State
  • Games against FBS opponents: 10 -- played one FCS team
  • Wins over FBS teams with 8+ wins: 1
  • They play Oregon State -- Ducks favored by 19.5 points

#15  AUBURN:
  • 8-3 on the season
  • Signature win:  #14 Oregon
  • Losses to:  #11 Florida, #2 LSU and #4 Georgia 
  • Games against FBS opponents: 10 -- played on FCS team
  • Wins over FBS teams with 8+ wins: 1
  • They play #5 Alabama -- Bama favored by 3.5 points

  • 9-2 on the season
  • Signature win: #22 USC 
  • Losses to: #4 Georgia and #13 Michigan
  • Games against FBS opponents: 11
  • Wins over FBS teams with 8+ wins: 4
  • We play at Stanford -- Irish favored by 14 points


If you look at these aforementioned facts -- I believe Notre Dame should be ranked at the very least #14 -- ahead of Oregon and Auburn;
  • Oregon has a bad loss to Arizona State (6-5) and only one win over a FBS team with 8+ wins this season
  • Auburn has three losses -- and only one win over a FBS team with 8+ wins this season
  • Notre Dame has four wins over FBS teams with 8+ wins this season

Now, let's assume that Notre Dame clobbers Stanford -- and the following happens on Saturday:
  • Ohio State beats Michigan -- does a 10-2 Notre Dame jump the 9-3 Wolverines?
  • Minnesota upsets Wisconsin -- does a 10-2 Notre Dame jump the 9-3 Badgers?
  • Alabama beats Auburn -- does a 10-2 Notre Dame jump the 8-4 Tigers? 

It looks like our highest final ranking would be #13 -- which does not look like it will get us into a New Year's Six Bowl.

Behind The Scenes Look at ND Over BC

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Their First Time Experiencing Notre Dame...

Mike and Melissa Palelli made their first-ever visit to the campus of the University of Notre Dame this weekend and they made it very special...

Melissa was celebrating her 40th birthday -- so Mike (a member of the United States Coast Guard) surprised his wife with a trip to see her long-time favorite college football team, the Fighting Irish.  Melissa was introduced to Notre Dame Football by her Dad -- watching games on TV back home in Massachusetts.

Saturday morning -- Mike got down on one knee and "re-proposed" to his wife, inside Notre Dame Stadium, giving Melissa a "Notre Dame Claddagh Ring" to go with her wedding ring.

Mike and Melissa -- hope to see you back at Notre Dame again, soon!

BC Coach Talks 40-7 Loss to Notre Dame...

Domer Hornung's "Heisman House" Debut!

He's the only Heisman Trophy winner in history on a "losing team" -- as his 1956 Notre Dame team went 2-8...

I doubt this will ever happen again.

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Brian Kelly Talks Win Over Boston College

One Last Time for Notre Dame's Class of 2020

This is what Notre Dame Stadium looked like -- forty-seven minutes after the 40-7 win over Boston College.  Members of Notre Dame's Class of 2020 were invited onto the field, along with the Fighting Irish who wore their Gold Helmets for the last time in the House That Rock Built.

Click on image above to enlarge.

Ranked Teams On Notre Dame's Schedule...

With just one game left on Notre Dame's 2019 football schedule -- I thought I'd take a look at all of the teams that have been ranked, at some point this season -- that the Fighting Irish have played...


Here's the current Top 10 ranked teams -- and how many teams on their schedule that have been ranked:
  • LSU:  4 opponents; Texas, Florida, Auburn and Alabama
  • Ohio State:  5 opponents; Indiana, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Penn State and Michigan
  • Clemson: 2 opponents;  Texas A&M and Wake Forest
  • Georgia:  4 opponents; Notre Dame, Florida, Auburn and Texas A&M
  • Alabama: 3 opponents; Texas A&M, LSU and Auburn
  • Oregon: 4 opponents; Auburn, Washington, USC and Arizona State
  • Utah:  4 opponents; USC, Arizona State, Washington State and Washington
  • Penn State: 5 opponents; Iowa, Minnesota, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio State
  • Oklahoma: 3 opponents; Texas, Baylor and Oklahoma State
  • Minnesota: 3 opponents; Penn State, Iowa and Wisconsin 

So, if you hear anything about STRENGTH OF SCHEDULE, or NOTRE DAME DOESN'T PLAY IN A CONFERENCE or, NOTRE DAME DOESN'T PLAY ANYBODY -- use this ammunition.

Notre Dame Beats #21 Michigan in Ann Arbor!

Big confidence win for Muffet's Fighting Irish -- beating a ranked team on the road.  And, a break-out game for Destinee Walker -- who scored 27 for Notre Dame...


The Fighting Irish Put Boston College Away...

Big second half for Notre Dame as they roll over Boston College by the score of 40 - 7.


Notre Dame's Latest 'Fighting For' Ad

Notre Dame Football on NBC Sports Network

If I wasn't going to the game -- this is the channel where I would be tuning in to for today's Boston College vs. Notre Dame football game.  NBC Sports Network will have a "Notre Dame" crew handling the broadcast...

You can watch this -- rather than listening to a BC grad (Flutie) and a Syracuse grad (Tirico) on NBC.


Brian Kelly Radio Show: Boston College Week

Friday, November 22, 2019

Flutie & Tirico Join Boston College Team Today

NBC's Notre Dame Football broadcast crew met with the Boston College Eagles this afternoon when they arrived at Notre Dame Stadium...

The "Three" That Sent the Game Into Overtime

For those of us who don't have the ACC Network -- and were crazy enough to follow the "play by play" description on the ESPN app -- you saw that the game was over and Notre Dame had lost...

Not so fast my friend...

Replay: Notre Dame's OT Win Over Toledo

It Is Never Over -- Until It's Over!

Four Seniors Talk About Last Home Game...

Know Thy Opponent: Boston College

Here's a look at Boston College's last game action -- a loss to Florida State...

Thursday, November 21, 2019

A Must Read Story About a Notre Dame Dad...

A Notre Dame grad and DAD -- shares his story...


One Republic to Play at Notre Dame in April

The date is Saturday, April 25th -- the eve of Notre Dame Day 2020!  Tickets go on sale Wednesday, November 27th at 10 AM ET.

The concert will kick off Idea Week at Notre Dame.


Boston College Players Talk Notre Dame Game

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Brey's Irish Remain Undefeated At Home

BC Coach Talks Notre Dame Preparation...

A Notre Dame Football Mom...

Here's the story on Fox News' Martha MacCallum -- who just happens to be the mother of Notre Dame Football's Reed Gregory...


Sidelined by Addiction...

Mike Heuerman, a former Notre Dame football player, has returned to campus after dealing with an addiction to pain killers...

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

National Rankings: Notre Dame Teams

Took a lap around the worldwide web this evening -- tracking down where Notre Dame teams are currently ranked, that are in season...
  • Notre Dame Hockey -- #3
  • Notre Dame Men's Golf -- #7
  • Notre Dame Men's Cross Country -- #12
  • Notre Dame Men's Swimming -- #13
  • Notre Dame Football -- #15
  • Notre Dame Women's Swimming -- #17
  • Notre Dame Women's Cross Country -- #19
  • Notre Dame Men's Soccer -- #19 
  • Notre Dame Women's Soccer -- #23

Here's the list of Notre Dame teams in season -- who are not currently ranked:  Men's Basketball, Women's Basketball, Women's Golf and Women's Volleyball.

The photo above is from Notre Dame's recent win over #9 Ohio State.

Harbaugh's Daughter Signs With Notre Dame

Monday, November 18, 2019

Boston College Head Coach Talks Notre Dame

Brian Kelly Talks Boston College Game...

Signing Day for Muffet's Fighting Irish...

This past Wednesday was the early National Signing Day for high school stars to sign their National Letter of Intent -- and Muffet's pulled in an all-star cast -- the third ranked class in the country.  Here's each player with their national ranking from ESPN's HoopGurlz site:


Monday, November 11, 2019

Watch Notre Dame's Baraka Bouts -- LIVE!

The fights begin at 7 PM ET tonight from the Dahnke Ballroom -- watch the action in both rings...

Navy Week: Midshipmen Have Had Two Weeks

Ever Wonder Why It's Called Angela Blvd.?

Angela Blvd., the road that leads most visitors to the campus of the University of Notre Dame, is named after Mother Angela Gillespie, the long time Superior of Saint Mary's Academy -- now called Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame, IN.

Mother Angela served as a nurse for the U.S. Army during the Civil War -- she and more than 80 other nuns left the school and their congregation to serve our country, over that four-year period in American history.


Navy Week: Brian Kelly's Monday Presser

A Huge THANK YOU to Our Veterans !!!

Saturday, November 9, 2019

#2 Ferris State vs. Brian Kelly's Old D2 Team

My 2nd ranked Ferris State Bulldogs take on #14 Grand Valley State today in a nationally televised game!  The game kicks off at 12:07 PM ET

Thursday, November 7, 2019

#5 Notre Dame Travels to #9 Ohio State

A "Historic Debut" Beats the Fighting Irish...

Cole Anthony -- a freshman guard with the North Carolina Tar Heels, had the greatest offensive night in Atlantic Coast Conference history, for a player's first game....

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Hoops Tonight: ND vs. #9 North Carolina

The game starts at 6:40 PM ET on the new ACC Network.  If you're like me and your cable provider does not carry this network -- you'll have to listen to it on the radio.

Here's a link to the broadcast.


Notre Dame Players Talk Duke Game

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Claypool & Elliott -- On Field After the Game...

Highlights: Notre Dame 21 -- Virginia Tech 20

Virginia Tech Coaches Talk Loss to Notre Dame

Brian Kelly Talks 21 - 20 Win Over Virginia Tech

The "Hold" of the Year for Notre Dame Football

We were commenting before the extra point -- to win the game -- that after the 35 yard field goal miss a few minutes earlier, this wasn't a given...

Cole Kmet's On Field Interview After Big Win!

Ian Book's NBC Interview After Winning TD!

The Fighting Irish (of Notre Dame y'all)

Notre Dame students, Jay Rivera-Herrans and Teagan Earley were guests this morning on ABC 57's Saturday Kickoff Show...


Bounce Back Game for the Fighting Irish!

We need a BIG WIN today!