Sunday, July 19, 2015

CBS Sports Interview of Pat Connaughton

Thought you'd enjoy this...

Pat just signed a three year deal with the Trail Blazers -- first two years guaranteed at a little more than $500,000 a year.  Congratulations Pat!


Domers Playing in Golf Tourney on NBC Today

There's a number of DOMERS in Lake Tahoe, NV this weekend playing in the American Century Championship for celebrity golf.

Here's the list of players with ties to Notre Dame and where they stand going into today's final round on NBC -- television coverage runs from 3 PM ET to 6 PM ET:
  • Trent Dilfer (Domer Dad) -- 15th
  • Joe Theismann (Domer) -- 20th
  • Jerome Bettis (Domer) -- 32nd
  • Tim Brown (Domer) -- 43rd
  • Tyler Eifert (Domer) -- 46th
  • Cris Collinsworth (Domer Dad) -- 76th
  • Brian Kelly (Coach) -- 78th

Note:  I found it quite interesting that the Reno-Gazette posted a number of photos of Justin Timberlake playing golf yesterday -- and then who do you find next -- Notre Dame head football coach Brian Kelly (photo above).