Sunday, September 29, 2019

Games Played by Top 10 Teams vs. Ranked...

Took a look at the AP Top 10 and the difficulty of their schedules to date -- and what is left for the balance of the season...

  • 52 - 14 (W) over Georgia Tech
  • 24 - 10 (W) over #23 Texas A&M
  • 41 - 6 (W) over Syracuse
  • 52 - 10 (W) over Charlotte
  • 21 - 20 (W) over North Carolina 
  • No more game against ranked opponents

  • 42 - 3 (W) over Duke
  • 62 - 10 (W) over New Mexico State
  • 47 - 23 (W) over South Carolina
  • 49 - 7 (W) over Southern Mississippi
  • 59 -31 (W) over Mississippi
  • 3 games left against ranked opponents

  • 30 - 6 (W) over Vanderbilt
  • 63 - 17 (W) over Murray State
  • 55 - 10 (W) over Arkansas State
  • 23 - 17 (W) over #10 Notre Dame
  • 3 games left against ranked opponents

#4  LSU
  • 55 - 3 (W) over Georgia Southern
  • 45 - 38 (W) over #11 Texas
  • 65 - 14 (W) over Northwestern State 
  • 66 - 38 (W) over Vanderbilt
  • 4 games left against ranked opponents

  • 45 - 21 (W) over Florida Atlantic
  • 42 - 0 (W) over Cincinnati
  • 51 - 10 (W) over Indiana
  • 76 - 5 (W) over Miami of Ohio
  • 48 - 7 (W) over Nebraska
  • 4 games left against ranked opponents

  • 49 - 31 (W) over Houston
  • 70 - 14 (W) over South Dakota
  • 48 - 14 (W) over UCLA
  • 55 - 16 (W) over Texas Tech
  • 2 games left against ranked opponents

  • 27 - 21 (W) over #13 Oregon
  • 24 - 6 (W) over Tulane
  • 55 - 16 (W) over Kent State
  • 28 - 20 (W) over #23 Texas A&M
  • 56 -23 (W) over Mississippi State
  • 4 games left against ranked opponents

  • 49 - 0 (W) over South Florida
  • 61 - 0 (W) over Central Michigan
  • 35 -14 (W) over #20 Michigan
  • 24 - 15 (W) over Northwestern
  • 3 games left against ranked opponents 

  • 35 - 17 (W) over Louisville
  • 66 - 14 (W) over New Mexico
  • 23 - 17 (L) to #3 Georgia
  • 35 - 20 (W) over #18 Virginia
  • 2 games left against ranked opponents

  • 24 - 20 (W) over Miami (FL)
  • 45 - 0 (W) over Tennessee Martin
  • 29 - 21 (W) over Kentucky
  • 34 - 3 (W) over Tennessee
  • 38 - 0 (W) over Towson State
  • 3 games left against ranked opponents

Chase Claypool On Field After Virginia Win

Ade Talks Fumble Recovery -- TD Run...

Friday, September 27, 2019

OT: My Brother Jay -- Doing the Right Thing!

My brother Jay Small -- President of Precision Building Systems in Denver, CO -- talks about his company's involvement with St. Judes.

SEC Network: "The Most Storied Program..."

Virginia Week: Brian Kelly Radio Show

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

If You Hear "Talking Heads" Saying This...

"Notre Dame has no path to the playoffs, they don't have a conference championship game..."

Just remind them of this little fact -- from just two seasons ago:

Alabama made the College Football Playoff as the #4 seed with this resume in 2017:
  • 11 - 1 regular season record
  • A road loss to the #6 ranked team in the country (Auburn) 26 - 14
  • 3 wins over ranked opponents 
  • Only 10 wins over FBS opponents
  • 1 win over a FCS opponent -- Mercer
  • No appearance in a conference championship game

Notre Dame can still make the playoffs -- step one, beat Virginia!

Virginia Week: Highlights From Saturday's Win

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Kirby Smart Talks Win Over Notre Dame...

Here's How Notre Dame Ends Up In CFP!

Okay, with the loss to Georgia -- we drop to #10 in the polls -- meaning we have the next eleven weeks to move up six more spots.  Here's how we do it.

Week #1 -- BEAT #18 Virginia
  • There's only two games this week -- with ranked teams taking on each other.  Beat Virginia and ND probably remains #10

Week #2 -- BEAT Bowling Green
  • Auburn and Florida play this week -- Florida loses, drops below Notre Dame.
  • Win big over Bowling Green and Notre Dame moves to #9

Week #3 -- BEAT #21 USC
  • Alabama travels to Texas A&M -- don't expect the Tide to lose this
  • Texas travels to Oklahoma -- Longhorns beat Oklahoma
  • Notre Dame beats USC handily -- and move up to #8

Week #4 -- SIT BACK and WATCH
  • No teams ahead of Notre Dame play a ranked opponent this week.
  • Notre Dame remains #8 in the polls

Week #5 -- BEAT #20 Michigan
  • Auburn travels to LSU -- Auburn loses to LSU, drops below Notre Dame in the polls
  • Notre Dame beats Michigan -- and moves up to #7 in the polls

Week #6 -- BEAT Virginia Tech
  • Georgia travels to Florida -- Georgia handles the Gators
  • Notre Dame beats VT -- and remains #7 in the polls

  • LSU travels to Alabama -- Bama wins handily, LSU drops below Notre Dame in the polls
  • Iowa travels to Wisconsin -- Badgers lose to Hawkeyes, Wisconsin drops below Notre Dame in the polls
  • Notre Dame beats Duke -- moves up to #5 in the polls

Week #8 -- BEAT Navy
  • Georgia travels to Auburn -- Georgia wins handily
  •  Notre Dame beats Navy -- remains #5 in the polls

Week #9 -- BEAT Boston College
  • Penn State travels to Ohio State -- Ohio State rolls the Nittany Lions
  • Notre Dame rolls over BC -- remains #5 in the polls

  • Alabama travels to Auburn -- Bama wins
  • Ohio State travels to Ann Arbor -- Harbaugh saves job, beats Buckeyes -- who drop behind Notre Dame in the polls
  • Notre Dame destroys Stanford -- moves up to #4 in the polls

Week #11 -- Conference Championships
  • Georgia beats Alabama to win SEC
  • Notre Dame moves up to #3 in the CFB Playoff
  • Gets another shot at Clemson -- who drops to #2 behind Georgia (strength of schedule comparison vs. Georgia) 

  1. Georgia
  2. Clemson
  3. Notre Dame
  4. Big Ten Champ or Big Twelve Champ

Georgia 23 -- Notre Dame 17: Highlights

Kelly & Book: Post Game Media Session

Just Got Back From Athens -- Some Thoughts

Never seen anything like I experienced last night in Notre Dame's 23 - 17 loss to Georgia at Dooley Field at Sanford Stadium.  Click on the photos above to enlarge.
  • It was a "black out" -- but, it looked more like a RED OUT!
  • There were red and black tents, tablecloths and chairs -- on every square inch of green grass on campus.  They don't have any parking lots around the Stadium -- so the tailgating is on campus grounds...
  • The noise was beyond anything I've ever heard before.  I thought Miami 2017 was loud -- this was at another level.
  • The Georgia student section -- world-class!  A little like Oakland's "Black Hole..."
  • Don't know how we ever got any snap off in sync.
  • First time I ever saw a football stadium turn into a night club -- the light show was impressive and effective -- pre-game and prior to 4th quarter!  The top photo, that's the start of the fourth quarter light show -- a first for Georgia...
  • The Georgia home field advantage -- is incredible.
  • The campus is very nice -- and very hilly.
  • The fans treated us very nicely -- now, if we had pulled the game out -- not so sure...   
  • The Georgia fan base did not sell their tickets to Notre Dame fans   
  • I was sitting with Tim Brown and Jerome Bettis at half-time on the Notre Dame bench when the Georgia "Red Coats" Marching Band -- marched directly at us on the sideline.  See the photo of Jerome and Tim's reaction seeing the band charging at us -- that's me on the left:  
Now, on to what I saw on the field;
  • We miss quickness and speed at the running back spot
  • Georgia's speed at every position (but OL and QB) -- is scary!
  • Not sure what percentage of Georgia's starting line-up is "home grown" in the Peach State -- but, when they announced their starting line-up, it seemed like every player grew up in Georgia.
  • I stood on the sideline for half of the game -- the hitting was intense
  • Our kicking game -- solid
  • We need to find a running game in big games like this...
  • Dropped passes hurt us in the 1st half
  • And, the penalties -- when I saw the officials come out onto the field with their SEC sweaters -- I knew we were in for a long day
  • The Georgia fan base thought they were going to destroy us -- we earned their respect...
  • Impressed we didn't cave -- in that environment, it would have been easy too!
  • Georgia's home field advantage is at least 14 points -- it's a really tough environment to play in...

Need to beat Virginia!

Friday, September 20, 2019

Georgia Royalty Hosts Notre Dame Tonight

Was fortunate to be able to tag along with Notre Dame alum Dick Corbett '60, to an event put on by former Augusta National Chairman Billy Payne (a former Georgia Bulldog football player) and his friends.  What a night -- here's some of the highlights...
  • We get off the bus and what are we greeted by -- four F-16 Fighter Jet's doing their test run over Sanford Stadium for tomorrow night's game
  • A beautiful view from the west end of Sanford Stadium -- the most beautiful natural grass field you'll ever see.  I learned that Georgia does not practice on the field -- only the kicker's have access to the field (one day each week)
  • We were treated to an event in Georgia Football's Recruit Lounge -- a very large facility that sits on the western edge of the Stadium -- it's slick
  • A gospel choir surprised us with a singing of Here Come The Irish and Georgia On My Mind 
  • Every table had Georgia guests and Notre Dame guests 
  • Broadcasting great, Vern Lundquist was the MC
  • The Governor of Georgia and their two (2) U.S. Senators were in attendance
  • Heisman Trophy Winner Herschel Walker
  • CBS's Sports' Chairman Sean MacManus
  • NBC Sports' President Pete Bevacqua (ND grad)
  • Jerome Bettis
  • Lou Holtz
  • Vince Dooley -- the legendary Georgia coach admitted he grew up rooting for the Fighting Irish, hoping to play for Notre Dame someday...
  • CBS's broadcast crew for tomorrow night; Nessler and Danielson 
  • University of Georgia's President and Athletics Director
  • Jack Swarbrick
  • Executive Director of the College Football Playoff
  • A number of Augusta National members
  • Shannon Cullinan (Notre Dame's EVP)
  • Tom Burish (Notre Dame's Provost)
  • Etc.

A truly wonderful event!

This is the first of three events (tonight and tomorrow) -- where Georgia is hosting Notre Dame...

There's a "Few of Us" Here in Athens, GA!

Just spent the last three hours in downtown Athens -- and saw some GREEN, BLUE and GOLD in the restaurants and sidewalks...

Even ran into a College Football Hall of Fame Coach walking the streets by himself -- then spent a good 30+ minutes talking with Lou outside our hotel -- with many Georgia fans interrupting for photos (I took many!)...

Coach Holtz took it all in stride.  That's Notre Dame alum Dick Corbett (of Corbett Hall fame) taking the photo for a fan with Coach Holtz.

I will tell you -- he's not happy that we're 15 point underdogs...

He jokingly said "Jim, I wouldn't wait until 8 PM -- I'd knock on their locker room door at noon tomorrow -- and tell Kirby; we're on the field right now, come and get it!"

Thursday Night With the ND Offensive Line

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Mick's Mix Tape -- Beat Georgia Bulldogs

Urban Meyer Talks About Brian Kelly & ND

The discussion on Brian Kelly and Notre Dame -- begins at the 6:07 mark.

More "Notre Dame Love" From the Pundits...


Brian Kelly Talks Georgia Game With SVP

Notre Dame Volleyball Off To Great Start!

The win over Michigan puts the Fighting Irish at 7-2 on the season...

Georgia Week: Injury Report on Bulldogs

This is from the folks at DawgNation...


Missed This: Brady Quinn with Rich Eisen

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Defensive Players Talk Georgia Game Prep

Ian Book Talks Georgia Prep With Media...

Inside Notre Dame Football -- New Mexico

Holtz & May Talk Notre Dame vs. Georgia

Missed This: Quinn On Kelly, Harbaugh, Etc.

The former Notre Dame All-American was a guest on Colin Cowherd's Radio Show last week...

Georgia Grocery Store Pulls "Irish Spring" Off...

Notre Dame's first ever visit to Athens, GA -- has the natives taking it quite personally...

Dill's Food City has taken Irish Spring off its shelves -- in preparation for Saturday's football game with our Fighting Irish.


The Pundits Say "Notre Dame Has No Chance"

A Magical MLB Night for the Notre Dame Family

First, Notre Dame alum Cavan Biggio -- made history for the Toronto Blue Jays -- hitting for the "cycle" and becoming only the third member of their team to do so.  

Cavan's dad, Hall of Famer Craig Biggio -- also hit for the cycle.  They become the second "father-son duo" to accomplish this in Major League Baseball history!


And then, the grandson of former Notre Dame student-athlete Carl Yastrzemski (an all-time great with the Boston Red Sox) -- playing in Fenway Park for the first time in his career (in front of Grandpa) -- does this...


Monday, September 16, 2019

Georgia's Kirby Smart Talks Notre Dame Game

Georgia Week: Brian Kelly Press Conference

Notre Dame Fans -- Get Prepared...

Well, we're 12.5 point underdogs to Georgia -- and you won't find a media member west of  Dublin, Ireland who will be picking the Fighting Irish over the Bulldogs...

And, as you watch ESPN this week and College GameDay on Saturday -- keep this in mind:
  • ESPN has a multi-billion dollar investment in the SEC Conference (SEC Network)
  • Maria Taylor and David Pollack are both Georgia Bulldog grads
  • And, then there's Desmond Howard...

What though the odds...

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Javon McKinley's Post Game Interview...

Ian Book's Post Game Media Session...

Johnny Lujack's NBC Interview Saturday...

The 94 year-old Heisman Trophy winner (turns 95 in November) was interviewed during yesterday's Notre Dame game vs. New Mexico...

Joe & Sonny's First Trip to a Notre Dame Game

 Sonny, Joe and Jonathan Jones #45
 Sonny, Joe and Liam Eichenberg #74
I had the honor this weekend to witness firsthand -- Joe Velarde's and Sonny Martinez's first trip ever to Notre Dame.  The two (they both live in AZ) were given "hall passes" from their respective wives to fulfill a life-long dream...

Hope this will be the first of many trips to Notre Dame for both of you!

New Mexico Fans -- First Time at Notre Dame...

2/2 ...and so many other pleasantries (the list goes on and on). PURE CLASS. I can honestly say that the experience there was better than any other sporting venue I've been to.#NotreDame @NDFootball @NotreDame Thank you!





If You Want to Know More About Georgia FB...

You'll just want to check in at DAWG NATION -- every day this week.  They provide wonderful coverage of Georgia Football...


NBC's Halftime Feature on Brock Wright...

Myron Tagovailola-Amosa After the Game...

Avery Davis' Post Game Interview...

Saturday, September 14, 2019

McKinley's Great Run After Catch Today!

NBC Sports Feature on Notre Dame Football

Avery Davis Gets The Game Ball...


Georgia's Already Talking About Notre Dame

No Surprise -- College GameDay in Athens...

This is not a common occurrence for the folks in Athens -- which is shocking when you consider how good their football team has been and ESPN's multi-billion dollar investment into the SEC Network.


Brian Kelly's Post Game After 66 - 14 Victory

NBC's Tune-In Promotion: ND vs. New Mexico

It's Finally GameDay at Notre Dame!!!

You can watch the game on NBC beginning at 2:30 PM ET.

Players Talk About New Mexico Game Prep

Friday, September 13, 2019

ND Students's Song on Amazon & Spotify!

Notre Dame seniors Jorge "Jay" Rivera-Herrans and Teagan Earley debuted their song; "The Fighting Irish (of Notre Dame y'all) on the Irish Dave & Christine Show (U93) this morning...


A New Series Called "Irish Reality" -- I Like It!

Replay: Brian Kelly's Radio Show Last Night

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Domer Romeo Okwara's Passion Project...

Thought you'd enjoy seeing this ESPN story about former Notre Dame football player Romeo Okwara -- who now plays for the Detroit Lions:


Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Domer Jimmy Dunne's September 11, 2001

New Notre Dame Song To Be Released Friday

Two University of Notre Dame seniors will be releasing their song; The Fighting Irish (of Notre Dame y'all) this Friday on campus;
  • 2:30 PM ET -- Live performance at the stage between Eck Visitors Center and ND Bookstore
  • Followed by a CD autograph session until 3:45 at the ND Bookstore -- the Bookstore will be selling the CD for $1.99 -- beginning Friday
  • 6:00 PM ET -- Live performance at the Pep Rally on South Quad

The song honors the history of how the Notre Dame community embraced the “Fighting Irish” label, originally intended as a slur, and today wears it as a badge of honor.

Beginning, Friday you can download the song for 99 cents at; Amazon Music and Spotify and many other online music retailers over the coming days...


Domer Austin Carr Talks About Our Friend...


Another All-Time Attendance Record for ND...

The folks in Athens, GA have decided to bring in temporary seats -- for the first time ever -- to a home football game in Sanford Stadium, to accommodate the largest crowd ever to see a football game in the State of Georgia.

This is a common occurrence when Notre Dame football comes to town.  Here's a list of some of the Stadiums in this country who have had their largest college football crowd ever when the Fighting Irish came to play...
  • Michigan Stadium (Ann Arbor, MI)
  • Spartan Stadium (East Lansing, MI)
  • Los Angeles Coliseum (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Soldier Field (Chicago, IL)
  • MetLife Stadium (East Rutherford, NJ)
  • Yankee Stadium (Bronx, NY)


Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Bob Davie Met With Media Today...

It's the first time Bob Davie has met with the media to talk about his recent medical situation -- and Saturday's game against Notre Dame...

Nick Martin Is Now #15 On Notre Dame List...

With today announcement of Nick Martin's contract extension with the Houston Texans -- he's now moved up to 15th on the list of former Notre Dame athletes (football, basketball, baseball and hockey) who will be paid the most as a professional athlete:

  • Jeff Samardzija:  $127,625,000 -- guaranteed contract to 2021
  • Zack Martin:  $102,308,800 -- not guaranteed, contract to 2024 
  • A.J. Pollock:  $76,397,500 -- guaranteed contract to 2023 
  • Anders Lee:  $75,044,038 -- guaranteed, contract to 2026
  • Kyle Rudolph:  $74,173,950 -- not guaranteed, contract to 2024 
  • Golden Tate:  $71,478,749 -- not guaranteed, contract to 2022 
  • Jaylon Smith:  $69,159,293 -- not guaranteed, contract to 2024
  • Troy Murphy:  $66,000,000 
  • Stephon Tuitt:  $64,760,551 -- not guaranteed, contract to 2022
  • Harrison Smith:  $63,666,546 -- not guaranteed, contract to 2021
  • Brad Lidge:  $55,335,000
  • Bryant Young:  $44,000,000
  • Justin Tuck:  $43,248,463
  • John Sullivan:  $40,050,021
  • Nick Martin:  $36,673,840 -- not guaranteed, contract to 2022
  • Jerome Bettis:  $35,122,500
  • Jeff Faine:  $34,456,892
  • Ronnie Stanley:  $33,354,331 -- guaranteed, contract to 2020
  • Kyle Palmieri:  $30,192,154 -- guaranteed, contract to 2021
  • Tim Brown:  $28,432,686
  • Matt Carroll:  $28,437,349
  • Joe Montana:  $26,000,000
  • Ian Cole:  $23,049,694 -- guaranteed, contract to 2021
  • David Phelps:  $19,233,850 -- guaranteed, contract to 2020
  • Michael Floyd:  $19,080,535 -- free agent
  • Rocket Ismail:  $18,000,000

The next big contract negotiation still sits with Ronnie Stanley and the Ravens.  Baltimore picked up Ronnie's "fifth year" option at $12,870,000 -- as they work on a new longer term deal.  STORY

OT: My Friend Fred McLeod -- Left For Heaven

If you're a Detroit Pistons or Cleveland Cavaliers fan -- you'll know who Fred McLeod is...

I received a text this morning from Matt Freeman (Irish Sports Daily) that my friend had died of a heart attack last night.  The news was a shocker for me.

I mourn through storytelling -- so let me share with you my favorite Fred McLeod story.

Fred and I became friends during his time in Detroit.  We would often play golf at Walnut Creek Country Club in Wixom, MI -- where I had a membership.  Our conversation one day centered on Fred's desire to get the Cleveland Cavaliers' play-by-play role for TV.

At the time, Fred had a TV gig with WDIV Detroit and the play-by-play role for the Detroit Pistons' TV games.  Fred had half of the schedule, sharing the duties with Notre Dame alum George Blaha, who had the other half of the Pistons' TV schedule.

Fred wanted a full-time TV play-by-play gig and Cleveland was his hometown team -- and he let me know this.

What Fred didn't know, was I had a way for him to be introduced to the Cleveland Cavaliers' owner, Dan Gilbert.  A friend of mine, Pat McGinnis was one of Gilbert's closest friends and colleague at Rock Financial.

Pat had extended the opportunity for me to jump on Gilbert's private jet with Dan (a few times) to go see a Cavaliers' game -- and sadly my schedule (I commuted / worked in New York City) never allowed me to take him up on the offer.

On learning this, Fred asked me to "promise him" that if I ever got asked again to jump on Gilbert's plane and can't go -- please ask to see if he could take my spot...

Well, a few months later, Pat McGinnis calls again and asks me to join him and Dan on Gilbert's private jet to go see the Cavaliers play -- and once again, my schedule would not allow it...

So, I asked Pat -- would it be okay if Fred McLeod took my spot on the trip?

Pat, said sure -- so I called Fred up and told him about the opportunity.  Thankfully, Fred could go.

So here's what happens...

Fred arrives at Oakland Country Airport, where Dan Gilbert kept his plane.  He walks out on the tarmac and climbs the steps onto the jet to learn he's the last one to board.  Sitting on the jet are; Pat McGinnis, Dan Gilbert and some guy named Bob Ritchie (better known as KID ROCK).

Well they're not in the air five minutes when Dan Gilbert says to Fred "you don't remember me, do you..."  Fred's thinking to himself (you're Dan Gilbert, owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers and many other companies) -- while Dan continues on...  "I was a college intern at a TV station in Flint (MI) that you used to work at, and no one was nicer to me, I've never forgotten that.  If there's anything I can ever do for you -- you just ask..."

Fred remembered "Danny the intern" -- what he didn't know was that intern now owned the Cleveland Cavaliers...

Well, Fred jumped on the opportunity.  He quickly replied to Dan;  "well, if you're serious about the offer, there is something you could do for me someday.  If the Cleveland Cavaliers' play-by-play position on TV ever opens up, I'd like to be considered for that job..."

A few months later in 2006 -- Fred got that gig.

Ten years later -- this happens...


Fred McLeod was kind to everyone he ever met -- including that college intern...

I haven't seen Fred in a few years, we have talked on the phone and texted each other.  It's sad we'll never cross paths again here on Earth.

Fred, enjoy Heaven's broadcast location -- it doesn't get any better...


Will Fuller Makes Great Catch on MNF!


The former Notre Dame football star made a great catch in the first half of last night's Monday Night Football game...

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Two "Rookie" Domers Make Big Plays in NFL

It was the first official regular NFL season game today for a number of former Notre Dame football stars...

Two made winning plays -- that's Drue Tranquill reacting to blocking a punt in the photo above!



ND Fan "Worst Baker in America" Runner-Up

Notre Dame fan Chris Scott, just competed on the Food Network Show -- Worst Bakers in America...

And, he finished as the "almost" worst baker in America!

Brady Quinn Tells the "Touchdown Jesus" Story

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Domers Named Captains of NFL Teams...

Here's the list of the three former Notre Dame football players who will be wearing a "C" on their uniform this Fall -- designating them as a Team Captain in the National Football League!
  • Jaylon Smith, Cowboys
  • Zach Martin, Cowboys
  • Kyle Rudolph, Vikings

Thursday, September 5, 2019

A History Making Notre Dame Leprechaun!


OT: KFC Recruits "Rudy" to the Colonel Role...

Never thought I'd see this...

ICON: Inside Look at ND vs. Louisville

How To Watch Notre Dame Football Abroad...

If you're living or traveling to one of these countries on a Notre Dame Football Saturday -- you can still catch a home game for the Fighting Irish on NBC;
  • Austria
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • UK


Klatt & Cowherd Rate College Football Coaches

They do talk about Notre Dame's Brian Kelly...

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

The Latest News on Bob Davie's Condition...

Here's the latest from New Mexico on Davie's condition -- he will not travel with team to Notre Dame...


Book's "Throw Away" Breaks Dancer's Nose...

This story has garnered national attention over the past few days.  As you'll see in the story below, Ian Book did reach out to the injured Louisville dancer to apologize...

The injured dancer Elizabeth Scott -- is on the right in the photo above.


"Irish Wired" -- Notre Dame vs. Louisville

NEXT OPPONENT: New Mexico Highlights

Monday, September 2, 2019

A Win, Is a Win, Is a Win! ND 35 -- LOU 17

With 3:37 left in the game and the ball in Louisville's territory -- Notre Dame ran the ball on three straight plays -- deciding not to go for another score...

It was a game of turnovers -- with Louisville fumbling five times, losing it three times to the Irish.

11 days until the next game -- we'll be okay.


Media Coverage: Notre Dame vs. Louisville

Louisville Players Talk About Notre Dame Game

Notre Dame Plays Louisville Tonight at 8 PM ET

Let's get fired up!!!

Sunday, September 1, 2019