Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Most Watched October College Game in History

Folks, the Notre Dame - Florida State football game was watched by more than 13 MILLION VIEWERS -- the largest TV crowd ever for an October college football televised game in history!

Notre Dame's Future ACC Football Schedule...

The folks at the Atlantic Coast Conference released the future football schedules (through 2025) involving their "new toy" -- the Notre Dame Fighting Irish -- in the wake of the most watched college football game EVER in the month of October!


OT: Nebraska's Pelini Calls out ESPN for Bias

The new College Football Playoff system is prompting coaches and their media outlets to do what they can to make sure their team, or their conference, is in the TOP FOUR...

Here's a "shot across ESPN's bow" by Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini:


The Oregonian: "PAC-12's Notre Dame Issue"

With nine weeks of college football in the books and the first ranking of teams upcoming from the College Football Playoff Committee (October 28) -- the media and coaches have begun their "lobbying" for their favorite teams...

Here's a columnist from The Oregonian -- who's worried about the "DUCKS" not getting into the Playoffs because of Notre Dame's success to date and their upcoming games against Arizona State and USC.

Take a look: