Sunday, April 27, 2014

Notre Dame Day's LIVE Broadcast Schedule

Folks, as I write this blog post we're exactly nine hours away from something quite special...

At 6:42 PM ET today (Military time of 18:42 -- the year Notre Dame was founded) -- the LIVE EVENT called Notre Dame Day will commence.  It's a 29 hour -- global celebration of Notre Dame that will be broadcast live over the internet.

You can watch it LIVE at:

No other college or university has ever attempted anything like this -- a 29 HOUR LIVE BROADCAST!

Here's the most updated broadcast schedule -- as of 9 AM ET this morning -- I'm just listing some of the guests that will appear in the first few hours of the show:

Sunday, April 27th

6:42 PM ET:
  • Fr. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C. 
  • Natalie Achonwa
  • Live look-in at Bookstore Basketball Championship Game
  • Live performance by ND Alum Pat McKillen
  • Dillon Hall vs. Alumni Hall -- TUG OF WAR 

8:00 PM ET:
  • 2014 Bookstore Basketball Champions with Digger Phelps
  • John Scully, the guy who wrote HERE COME THE IRISH
  • Joe Rogers -- the "one-handed" Notre Dame Hockey Goalie
  • Erin Hoffman-Harding -- VP, Student Affairs
  • McGlinn Hall vs. Welsh Family Hall -- TUG OF WAR

9:00 PM ET
  • Zack Martin, Chris Watt and Tommy Rees
  • ND Men's Soccer National Champions
  • Ruth Riley
  • Live performance by Notre Dame Pom Squad
  • Morrisey Manor vs. Fisher Hall -- TUG OF WAR

10:00 PM ET
  • Louis "Irish Chocolate" Nix III
  • Live performance by Pat McKillen