Wednesday, February 1, 2023

More on Patterson & Foskey at Senior Bowl

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Jarrett Patterson at the Reese's Senior Bowl

Isaiah Foskey at the Reese's Senior Bowl

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Could a College Football Draft be in the Offing?


What if --- in the not to distant future the major college football landscape looks something like this:

  • Only four (4) major conferences of 15 schools each -- 60 schools total
  • The top team in each conference gets the first round bye in the College Football Playoff
  • The 2nd team in each conference hosts a first round Playoff game
  • Then the next four teams (by ranking) will make the College Football Playoff
  • These 60 schools establish their own set of rules of governing:
    • a Salary Cap for NIL -- including a central "bank" that will disperse all NIL funds to players
    • get caught paying a student-athlete additional funding -- automatic five-year ban from Playoff and Bowl Games
    • Stricter rules on "free agency" -- entering the Transfer Portal and when eligible
    • And an annual College Football Player Draft -- to even out the talent gap


The College Football Draft might look something like this:

  • An Eleven (11) Round Draft for Offensive Players
    • High School stars can be selected by as many as five different teams -- then they negotiate their NIL deals (following the salary cap rules) -- and pick their college
  • An Eleven (11) Round Draft for Defensive Players
    • Again, High School stars can be selected by as many as five different teams -- then they negotiate their NIL deals (following the salary cap rules) -- and pick their college


Every High School star drafted has the option of not signing with any of the teams that drafted him and become a free agent.  The rules for a drafted player who opted into free agency are as follows: 

  • They can not sign as a free agent with any team that drafted them
  • College teams will be limited to signing  "three free agents" in total, who opted into free agency after being drafted


Then the balance of players are classified as "free agents" and are "recruited" like the good 'ol days with the same NIL salary cap in place for each team.  

  • Each college program can only sign a maximum of 7 of the 22 players (offense and defense) that they draft -- this will spread out the talent pool

Friday, January 20, 2023

Brey's Retirement Presser LIVE at 11 AM ET


Notre Dame's all time winningest coach in Men's Basketball history is announcing his retirement -- effective at the end of the season at 11 AM ET today.

Congrats Mike -- you always represented the Fighting Irish in a first class manner all 23 years!!!


Thursday, January 19, 2023

Who's Next to Lead Men's Basketball at ND?

Here's a story (linked below) that lists the best men's basketball coaches under the age of 40...

A guy not mentioned in this story is 37 year-old Dallas Maverick's assistant Sean Sweeney -- in photo above with Marcus Freeman -- a Notre Dame season ticket holder who makes South Bend his home in the NBA off-season.  Here's a story on Sean Sweeney that you'll want to read...


Mike Brey Retiring After 23 Year Leading Irish...

The story first broke an hour ago and has since been confirmed by the University -- with their announcement of a press conference tomorrow...

 And, with this quote from Mike Brey:  “It has been a great run for me and our program over the past two decades, but it is time for a new voice to lead this group into the future. I want to thank our student-athletes, assistant coaches and support staff who have played such a key role in the culture we have created.”

Brey will leave the program as Notre Dame's all-time wins leader.  Thank you Mike!!! 


Sunday, January 15, 2023

Notre Dame Cheer @ National Championship!


The University of Notre Dame Cheer Team competed in the UCA College Nationals for the first time and the Fighting Irish advanced to Saturday's Finals -- finishing in 9th place.


Banks, McGlinchey & Others After 49ers Win