Sunday, February 2, 2020

Will The Domers Have the Last Laugh Tonight?

I will share with you -- I'm rooting for the Notre Dame 49ers this evening!
  • Owners:  Denise DeBartolo York (Saint Mary's College Grad) and John York (ND grad)
  • CEO:  Jed York (ND grad)
  • Players:  Mike McGlinchey (ND grad) and Sheldon Day (ND grad)

Go 49ers!


Lou Holtz & Joe Theismann Talk Super Bowl

Their segment starts at the 20:00 minute mark.

OT: Today Hasn't Happened in Over 900 Years!

February 2, 2020 is a day of perfect symmetry.  The last palindrome date happened on November 11, 1111...

It won't happen again until December 12, 2121.

Frank Tripucka's Grandsons' First Visit to ND

Nicholas and Shane Tripucka -- grandsons of former Notre Dame and Denver Broncos QB Frank Tripucka (Frank is in the Broncos' Ring of Fame) -- made their first ever trip to the University of Notre Dame yesterday for their Uncle Kelly's Ring of Honor induction.

Nicholas and Shane, sons of Chris Tripucka (who played football at Boston College) grew up in Texas.  Shane was an All-American punter at Texas A&M -- unfortunately we didn't recruit him. 

The top picture (Shane on left and Nicholas on right) is of them holding their Grandpa's actual game jersey #8 outside Notre Dame Stadium.

A special moment during a special weekend for the Tripucka family.

Saturday Night Live Spoofs Rudy Last Night

The language is "bleeped out" -- just watch your volume levels around your kids.

Tripucka With Media Before Ring of Honor