Wednesday, April 6, 2022

I'm Proud Notre Dame Extended This Invitation


To the naysayers out there who are upset Notre Dame is playing a FCS school in football for the first time -- I simply say; "get over it..."

This game is much bigger than a "fun fact" we never got any credit for in the 130+ years of Notre Dame Football.

This game is about the University of Notre Dame sharing its unique platform in sport -- shining a spotlight on an HBCU institution's football program, marching band, students, alumni, faculty and staff.  It will be a significant news and sports story for a number of days in September 2023.

Tennessee State University will benefit big time as an academic institution, and an athletic program from the exposure this opportunity will bring their way -- good for them!

And, I can't wait to see TSU's Aristocrat of Bands march into Notre Dame Stadium!

Notre Dame Softball Beats #5 Northwestern!


The Fighting Irish had a big home win last night vs. the #5 ranked team in the country.  The win puts Notre Dame's record at 28 - 7 on the season.