Thursday, April 29, 2010

SHREK & Notre Dame

Some may be wondering; "what does the movie Shrek have to do with Notre Dame? Well, more than you probably ever imagined! You see, Shrek was produced by a handful of former "Domers." And, these ND Alums took it upon themselves to "sprinkle" in a little Notre Dame humor into the characters and the story. Here are just a few of the Notre Dame references in all of the Shrek movies;

--The Golden Dome worked into the design on the back of Shrek's vest
--Shrek resembles a Professor in Notre Dame's Chemistry Dept. (who will remain nameless) -- Though he knows who he is and I'm sure he just loves this characterization!
--Lord Farquad is a reference to a Notre Dame dorm called Carroll Hall, also known as Far Quad -- since it's located "far away" from the center of campus
--The palace resembles Hesburgh Library
--Dulac, the name of the perfect town in the Shrek movies -- is also part of the University's name; the University of Notre Dame du Lac and also what the student's "rule book" is called on campus

I've also been told that the Notre Dame "Fighting Irish" logo is "hidden" in each movie -- I've yet to verify if this is true or not. Anyway, the "last" Shrek Movie hits the theaters on May 21st. Go see it - and catch a little glimpse of Notre Dame!