Friday, October 2, 2015

The "QB Whisperer" Talks ND vs. Clemson

ESPN's Rece Davis Takes Media Questions

Clemson Week: Coach Kelly's Last Presser

The LA Times Takes On Dabo Over ND Talk

Surprised to see a Los Angeles Times writer take on Clemson's Dabo Swinney over his Notre Dame comments...


ESPN's College GameDay Set Up at Clemson

Here's what ESPN's College GameDay set up looks like for tomorrow morning's broadcast from Clemson...

Have to admit, it lacks the backdrop of Hesburgh Library and "Touchdown Jesus!"

Clemson's Football Field NOT COVERED!

Photos taken by Notre Dame Football Equipment Manager Ryan Grooms -- this afternoon at Clemson's football stadium...

This was a picture from Thursday afternoon...

WSBT-TV's Weather Man "Tweets" This Map

Notre Dame's Pep Rally in South Carolina Today

George Whitfield Talks Deshaun Watson's Keys

Rece Davis Talks Notre Dame vs. Clemson

Live Web Cams From Clemson University

If you'd like to keep your eye on the weather in Clemson, SC -- here's a link to a number of LIVE webcams on their campus...


Look For This Sign at ESPN's College GameDay

That's NASCAR champ Todd Bodine and my son Jimmy Small '08 (former Irish Guard) -- president of Iowa Speedway -- on the Clemson campus holding their College GameDay sign for tomorrow! 


Click on the picture to enlarge!

Notre Dame Football's Arrival in South Carolina

Latest Rainfall Forecast for ND vs. Clemson

I was told by @ClemsonTom last night that they do not put a tarp over their field.  How can Clemson' grass playing surface handle this much water?