Friday, December 31, 2021

Fiesta Bowl: Today's Final Press Conference

Fiesta Bowl: Notre Dame's Walk Through Today

You'll Want to Listen to Tony Kornheiser's Story

Folks, advance the podcast to the 6:30 minute mark and listen...

OSU's Band Plays Notre Dame's Victory March!

In honor of the Band of the Fighting Irish -- who were not allowed to attend the Fiesta Bowl do to COVID -- the Oklahoma State Marching Band played the Victory March at last night's event...

Thank you Oklahoma State!

Mike Gundy's Fiesta Bowl Presser #1

Notre Dame's Fiesta Bowl Hype Video!

Brady Quinn on Dan Patrick Show Yesterday

Yahoo! Sports: Great Story on Marcus Freeman

You are going to want to watch this...


A Visit to Top Golf for the Fighting Irish...

Sunday, December 19, 2021

OT: Ferris State Wins National Championship!


The Bulldogs now have a "pair" of National Championships as the Ferris State Men's Basketball Team won a ring back in 2018...

Go Bulldogs!

Gold & Blue Christmas Vault: "Rex"

CHAT: Rector of St. Ed's Hall at Notre Dame


You are going to want to watch this conversation with Fr. Ralph Haag, C.S.C. -- the Rector of St. Edward's Hall at the University of Notre Dame.  Fr. Ralph is a great friend and a world-class human being.

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 18, 2021

Gold & Blue Christmas Vault: "Rosa Mystica"

Brey's Irish vs. the Hoosiers at 2:35 PM ET


The Fighting Irish take on the in-state Indiana Hoosiers today in Indianapolis at the Crossroads Classic.  

The game can we watched LIVE at 2:30 PM ET on FOX.

One-Time ND Football Lineman Now Wrestling!


Football fans may remember the name Parker Boudreaux an offensive lineman from Florida who was with Notre Dame Football for one year and then transferred to the University of Central Florida.

Well, Parker just made his WWE debut this week -- as "Harland."

OT: Ferris State Plays for National Title!


The Ferris State Bulldogs (my alma mater) plays Valdosta State (GA) tonight at 9 PM ET on ESPN U for the NCAA Division II National Championship.

If you want to see a "fearless" offense -- tune in tonight and catch the Bulldogs.  They lead the country in scoring at more that 46 points per game.  Ferris has been one of the top teams in Division II for the past nine years -- yet, they've never won this final game.

Tonight is the night!

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Fiesta Bowl Prep: Captains' Media Session

Fiesta Bowl Prep: Freeman's First Presser

Coach Calipari Talks Loss to Notre Dame

OT: Ferris Wins 55-7 in NCAA Semi-Final Game


The undefeated Ferris State Bulldogs (13 - 0) cruised to a 55 - 7 win yesterday in their NCAA Division II Semi-Final game against Shepherd University (WV).  They travel to McKinney, TX this Saturday to play Valdosta State (GA) for the National Championship in Division II

This is the third straight -- lopsided win for the Bulldogs in the NCAA National Championship Tournament:

  • December 11th:  Ferris State 55 -- Shepherd 7
  • December 4th:  Ferris State 41 -- NW Missouri State 20
  • November 27th:  Ferris State 54 -- Grand Valley 20


On the season, Ferris State is:

  • Averaging 46.4 points per game
  • Averaging 507.1 yards per game on offense
  • Average margin of victory:  28 points per game

Friday, December 10, 2021

Notre Dame Soccer In Final Four Tonight!!!


The #4 seed Notre Dame plays the #8 seed Clemson tonight in the NCAA Final Four -- the winner takes on the winner of #3 Georgetown vs #2 Washington this Sunday.

What's amazing is this Notre Dame team was picked to finish "LAST" in the Atlantic Coast Conference preseason poll.  They rolled into the NCAA Tournament on a high after winning the ACC Championship!

You can watch the Fighting Irish tonight at 6 PM ET on ESPNU!



Thursday, December 9, 2021

Worth Your While: Navigating Your $$$ Future


Last night -- the University of Notre Dame put together an "all-star" panel of financial experts to talk about how to "Navigate Your Financial Future" -- this is great stuff:

  • John Coyle, Head of the New York office of Primera & Notre Dame Trustee
  • Jerry Seib, Executive Washington Editor -- Wall Street Journal 
  • Kim Flynn, Managing Director Alternative Investments -- XA Investments LLC
  • Al Stashis, Estate Planning Attorney -- Dunwoody White & Landon P.A.
  • T.J. Pillari, Gift Planning Team -- University of Notre Dame

Gold & Blue Christmas from Notre Dame!


Our team produced this event last night here on campus -- some great performances.

Merry Christmas!

Rich Eisen Interviews Marcus Freeman

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

"Steven A." Freeman leads ND to National Title!

Cowherd Interviews Marcus Freeman...

Notre Dame Christmas Concert - Tomorrow!

Tomorrow night -- Wednesday, December 8th -- we'll be producing a LIVE Christmas show from the University of Notre Dame!  We will be featuring:

  • The Notre Dame Folk Choir
  • Tenor:  Joseph Oparamanuike
  • Soprano:  Blessing Agu
  • Soloist:  Kate Turner
  • Soloist:  Aubrey Breen
  • And, much more!

You can watch this HOUR LONG broadcast LIVE at: beginning at 8 PM ET! 

If you're in the South Bend area and want to attend -- tickets are FREE -- just pick them up beginning at 7 PM ET tomorrow night at the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center.  We ask that you be in your seats prior to 7:45 PM ET.

Sunday, December 5, 2021

Coach Freeman Talks About Fiesta Bowl...

Domer Brock Wright's First NFL Touchdown!

OT: The Next Two Weeks: Root for the Dawgs!

My Ferris State Bulldogs won again yesterday afternoon in the Quarterfinals of the NCAA Division II National Championship Tournament -- beating NW Missouri State by the score of 41-20.

The Bulldogs are now 12 - 0 on the season -- and 50 - 4 the last four seasons!

They now play next Saturday vs. Shepherd University (WV) in an NCAA SemiFinal game.

Notre Dame Ends Up #5 in the Country...

We didn't get the additional upset that we needed yesterday and we end up on the outside looking in to the College Football Playoff.


  1. Alabama
  2. Michigan
  3. Georgia
  4. Cincinnati
  6. Ohio State

And,  we end up playing #9 Oklahoma State in the Fiesta Bowl on New Year's Day at 1 PM ET.

Go Irish!

Friday, December 3, 2021

"Michigan Man" Eisen Talks Notre Dame...

Head Coach Marcus Freeman's First Interview!

Was Your First Day -- EVER LIKE THIS!!!

The Man Who Takes Notre Dame to the Top!

Marcus Freeman, the 30th Dick Corbett Head Football Coach at the University of Notre Dame.
Tune in tonight to the NBC Sports Network's coverage of the Ohio State vs. Notre Dame hockey game beginning at 7:30 PM ET.  Coach Freeman will do his first LIVE interview during the broadcast.


ND GO IRISH Blog Vault: Zorich & Freeman...


This interview between former Fighting Irish All-American Chris Zorich and now Dick Corbett Head Football Coach at the University of Notre Dame, Marcus Freeman -- took place this past July..


Collinsworth & Robinson Talk ND Football...


Two Domers; Jac Collinsworth and Corey Robinson -- sat down and talked about a most amazing week in the history of Notre Dame Football...

Please Give Consderation This Christmas...

About two months ago, I made the decision to make a gift to South Bend's Center for the Homeless of $1,842 -- and in return, they sent me this wonderful present -- see image above.

The ND Monogram is made of bricks from the old Corby Hall that was just re-built here on the University of Notre Dame campus -- a building that goes back to 1895.

South Bend's Center for the Homeless is led by a Domer named Steve Camilleri -- he and his team are doing wonderful things for those who are struggling in our community.

Think about doing this as well...


Marcus' First Message to Notre Dame Football

Kyle Hamilton & Players Talk ND Changes...

You should find time to listen to this podcast...


ESPN's Steven A. Smith Talks Marcus Freeman

It's Official! Marcus Freeman is our Coach!

Have to admit -- the room I was in must have been a little "dusty" when I watched this...

Special moments lie ahead!!!

Go Irish! 

Thursday, December 2, 2021

What Must Happen for Notre Dame Saturday...

Here's my "two cents" as it relates to the most favorable outcomes in Saturday's Conference Championship games involving top ranked teams:


NOON ET Kick-off:  Oklahoma State (+5.5 pts) vs. Baylor (on ABC)

  • Notre Dame will hope that Baylor finds a way to beat the Cowboys
    • If they do -- Notre Dame moves up to #5 in rankings


4:00 PM ET Kick-off:  Georgia (+6.5 pts) vs. Alabama (on CBS)

  • Notre Dame will hope that Georgia beats Bama by 14+ points
    • If the game is closer than that, I fear Bama stays in top 4 -- though they have no business doing so with their very difficult wins over some average teams these last few weeks
      • Georgia's average margin of victory this season:  32.4 points
    • If Bama gets walloped -- Notre Dame moves up in the rankings 


4:00 PM ET Kick-off:  Cincinnati (+10.5 pts) vs. Houston (on ABC)

  • Notre Dame needs Houston to beat Cincinnati -- but not by much
    • If Cincinnati loses -- Notre Dame moves up in the rankings


8:00 PM ET Kick-off:  Michigan (+10.5 pts) vs. Iowa (on FOX)

  • Notre Dame needs Iowa to beat Michigan
    • This would more than likely be the biggest upset of the day


So, here is our best route to the College Football Playoffs:

  1. Decisive win for Georgia over Alabama -- this is a must
    • Get Bama out of top 4 in final poll
  2. And, then we just need one upset in the next three games
    • Bettors believe the closest game will be Baylor vs. Oklahoma State
  3. If this happens -- we have a GREAT shot of making the CFB Playoffs

Dan Patrick Talks Freeman and Notre Dame

The Mornin' After the News Broke -- Reaction

Took a lap around the worldwide web this morning to see what the media has to say about the news that Marcus Freeman would be named the Dick Corbett Head Football Coach at the University of Notre Dame.  Here's what I found:








Wednesday, December 1, 2021

YES -- Marcus Freeman Will Lead the IRISH!

I have never been more excited about the future of Notre Dame Football.  Love this graphic by Irish Sports Daily!

Marcus Freeman will soon be announced as the 30th Dick Corbett Head Football Coach at the University of Notre Dame.

Tommy Rees "Commits Again" to Notre Dame

Brian Kelly's LSU Financial Package

Here are some of the highlights of Brian Kelly's deal that apparently makes him the "highest paid coach" in college football:

  • 10 year base salary worth $95 million
  • A "stay at LSU" bonus of $500,000 -- paid out every July 1st he is employed at LSU
  • A "bowl bonus" of $500,000 for every bowl game LSU plays in
  • A "SEC Championship game appearance" and he gets a bonus of $75,000
  • A "SEC Championship" win and he gets a $150,000 bonus
  • A "National Championship" win and he gets at $500,000 bonus
  • Win the first "SEC Championship" and his compensation increases $250,000 -- every year for the life of his contract
  • Win a "National Championship" and his compensation increases $500,000 -- every year for the life of his contract
  • Two car allowance of $1,000 a month
  • An interest free loan of $1.2 million to purchase a home
  • 50 hours of travel per year on private jets
  • If Kelly is fired "without cause" -- LSU still owes him 90% of the balance of the ten-year salary
  • If Kelly leaves while the current Athletic Director is employed:
    • He would pay a $4 million "buyout" if he left in the next year
    • He would pay a $3 million "buyout" if he left in year two of his contract
    • He would pay a $2 million "buyout" if he left in any year after two years into his contract
  • If the LSU Athletic Director leaves while Kelly is the Head Coach -- Kelly does not owe LSU a contract buyout fee if he leaves before his contract ends.

Brady Quinn Talks Brian Kelly's Departure

Peter King Opined On Kelly's Leaving...

Neuheisel & Dan Patrick Talk Notre Dame...

Dan Patrick Interviews the New LSU Coach...

Zorich Podcast: Kelly's Departure

Monday, November 29, 2021

If Brian Kelly Leaves for LSU -- We'll Be Okay!

If the stories are true that Brian Kelly is leaving Notre Dame to coach Louisiana State University -- good for him.  He did us right and if he's all about chasing a great contract to end his career -- he's earned that.

Here's why I'm excited tonight -- I believe college football is all about the "Jimmy's and Joe's" not the "X's and O's"  

Have you ever heard this phrase:  "Dabo Swinney is a great offensive mind."  I never have -- Dabo is a great recruiter and a great promoter.  Kids want to play for him, they see him running around that sideline hugging his players, laughing and having fun...

I believe we need a head coach that makes recruiting a PRIORITY -- to win that next National Championship.  It's been the team with the best TALENT that has been winning the titles.

So, be happy for Coach Kelly and his family.  And, pray we find a great coach -- who will recruit, recruit, recruit!!!

I am happy for Notre Dame tonight -- we'll be returning one of the top teams in all of college football next season -- and we'll do so with some new energy at the top.

All is good -- it really is.

Finebaum Talks LSU Pursuing Brian Kelly

Know Thy Opponent: Lincoln Riley's Welcome


USC is excited about their new football coach...

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Let's Look at the "ONE LOSS" Teams in Top 6...

There is plenty of talk right now about what "one loss" teams should be selected for the College Football Playoffs -- so, I thought I'd give the Committee some background on each of these teams:

TEAM A (Michigan):

  • Their one loss was to the currently ranked #11 team (9-2) by 4 points
  • Strength of schedule is:  #13 
  • Wins over FBS opponents:  11


TEAM B (Alabama):

  • Their one loss was to the currently ranked #24 team (8-4) by 3 points
  • Strength of schedule is:  #50
  • Wins over FBS opponents:  9

TEAM C (Oklahoma State):

  • Their one loss was to a currently un-ranked opponent (7-5) by 3 points
  • Strength of schedule is:  #5
  • Wins over FBS opponents:  9


TEAM D (Notre Dame):

  • Their one loss was to the currently ranked #4 team (12-0) by 11 points
  • Strength of schedule is #9
  • Wins over FBS opponents:  11


So, right now -- two (2) ONE LOSS teams are set to make the College Football Playoffs -- how do you pick among these four teams?

  • The two teams with the "best losses?"
    • Notre Dame lost to #4
    • Michigan lost to #11 
    • Alabama lost to #24
    • Oklahoma State lost to an un-ranked opponent
  • The two teams with the most wins over FBS opponents?
    • If Michigan beats Iowa they will have 12 FBS wins
    • Notre Dame has 11 FBS wins 
    • If Alabama beats Georgia they will have 10 FBS wins
    • If Oklahoma State beats Baylor they will have 10 FBS wins
  • The two teams with the highest strength of schedules? 
    • Oklahoma State has the #5 toughest schedule
    • Notre Dame has the #9 toughest schedule
    • Michigan has the #13 toughest schedule
    • Alabama has the #50 toughest schedule


OT: #1 Ferris State 54 vs. #3 Grand Valley 20


The top ranked Ferris State Bulldogs showed why they deserve the ranking -- as they rolled over #3 Grand Valley State today in the SNOW!!!


Biggest Win of Niele Ivey Era -- Irish Over OSU

Saturday, November 27, 2021

Well We're 11-1 --- Now We Wait...

The Fighting Irish just put Stanford away by the score of 45 - 14 and finished the season with just the one blemish vs. Cincinnati.

Now, we wait until next Saturday and ultimately next Sunday for our College Football Playoff or New Year's Six Bowl assignment...

Here's what we need to happen next Saturday:

  1. Georgia to beat Alabama
  2. Houston to upset Cincinnati
  3. Or, Baylor to upset Oklahoma State
  4. Or, Iowa to upset Michigan   

Georgia must win -- and then we just need ONE UPSET!


OT: #1 Ferris State vs. #3 Grand Valley Today!


The NCAA National Championship in Division II for football -- might just be played today in Big Rapids, MI -- as #1 Ferris State takes on #3 Grand Valley in today's NCAA Playoff game...

The game kicks off at 1 PM ET -- you can watch it LIVE right here: FERRIS TV

Ferris State is the only undefeated team in Division II --- and they're led by last year's top lacrosse player in Division I at QB!

Hamilton at #7 in This NFL Mock Draft

Finebaum Talks Notre Dame or Alabama...


Fast forward the video to the 5:10 mark to the talk about Notre Dame and the playoffs...

Notre Dame's Hype Video for Standord Game

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving From Notre Dame!

This is my wife Susan's creation this morning -- she's got a talent!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

A Domer Dad & Great Notre Dame Friend...


Our guy Dick Vitale (father of two Notre Dame graduates) made his return to the broadcast booth last night after being treated for cancer these past few months...

Dick -- we're glad you are back doing what you love -- and what we all love!

Stanford Week: David Shaw, Players Talk IRISH

Brady Quinn Today on Dan Patrick Show

Notre Dame's Annual Thanksgiving Video...


We made the decision this year to recognize the thousands of "unsung heroes" here at the University of Notre Dame.  Their efforts kept the university up and running during the pandemic, while many other schools decided it was not worth the risk...

ln May of 2020, I watched singer/songwriter Jeffrey James (Brownsburg, IN) perform his song "We Can Be Heroes" on NBC's Songland.  I immediately fell in love with the song and contacted Jeffrey's agent the very next day and suggested that we shoot a music video of this song on the Notre Dame campus.

I quickly learned that because Jeffrey had just performed the song on NBC and the show's staff had helped him re-write some lyrics and change up the melody -- that the song was off limits for a year...

Well, a year passed and Jeffrey's agent -- Chris Ferren reached out to me and as they say -- the rest is history.

The same week we shot the music video on campus, Jeffrey performed at our Friday Night Bash at Notre Dame Stadium -- the night before our game against Purdue.

Hope you like the music video and the story it tells.  Please note, you're going to want to hang around and watch all of the credits...

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Okay, We're Now #6 -- Here's How We Move Up

Notre Dame Football is now #6 in the College Football Rankings -- so, here's what it's going to take for us to get into the TOP 4 and earn a playoff spot...

1.  Notre Dame clobbers Stanford -- wouldn't it be nice if we kept Stanford without a TD!

2.  Georgia beats Alabama by two TD's or more in the SEC Conference Championship game.

3.  Cincinnati loses to Houston in Conference USA Championship game.

4.  Then we have the Big 12 -- we need an Oklahoma State loss either this week or Big 12 Championship game...

So, here's what happens:

  • Georgia handles Alabama and Oklahoma State loses a game -- WE ARE IN
  • Georgia handles Alabama and Cincinnati loses to Houston -- WE ARE IN
  • Cincinnati loses to Houston and Oklahoma State loses a game -- WE ARE IN

TONIGHT at 8 PM ET from Notre Dame...

The University's 17th president, Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., will be taking part in a THANKSGIVING CHAT from Notre Dame's campus...

It begins at 8 PM ET -- should end at approximately 8:15 PM ET -- followed by the release of Notre Dame's annual Thanksgiving video.


ICON: Notre Dame 55 vs. Georgia Tech 0

Monday, November 22, 2021

Dunne / St. Ed's ND Interhall Football Champs!

Here's a photo of the Rector of St. Edward's Hall -- Fr. Ralph Haag, C.S.C. (in his cowboy hat) with his "Gentlemen" of St. Ed's after their combined team win of the Notre Dame Interhall Football Championship with Dunne Hall "under the lights" last night in Notre Dame Stadium!

Read the story below


Skylar Interviewed on "Suns TV" Saturday...

Trey Mancini -- Comeback Player of the Year!

The former Fighting Irish baseball star missed the 2020 baseball season due to colon cancer -- and he came back this year, hitting 21 homers and knocking in 71 RBI's in 147 games this season.


Stanford Week: Brian Kelly Press Conference


Fast forward video to the 21:30 minute mark for the start of today's press conference...

Brady Quinn on the Dan Patrick Radio Show

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Georgia Tech Safety Talks Loss to Irish

GT QB and OL Talk Loss to Notre Dame

Let's Revisit the CFB Playoff Discussion...

If you follow this blog -- you would have seen this post a couple weeks ago.  It laid out Notre Dame's journey to the College Football Playoffs -- BELOW IN RED.  Let's see how it's going so far:

Now, I will preface this exercise with I truly don't feel we have any chance of making the College Football Playoffs this year -- because of the lack of perceived quality wins...

Yet, the "fat lady's not singing" -- so, let's walk through the next five weeks of college football and show how our Fighting Irish could end up in the TOP 4...


  • #10 Notre Dame beats Navy convincingly CHECK!
  • #9 Wake Forest loses to North Carolina  CHECK!                                                 

Notre Dame moves up to #9  CHECK!



  • #9 Notre Dame beats Virginia convincingly  CHECK!
  • #8 Oklahoma loses to #14 Baylor  CHECK!
  • #7 Michigan loses to Penn State  MISSED

Notre Dame moves up to #7 MISSED -- NOTRE DAME #8



  • #7 Notre Dame beats Georgia Tech convincingly  CHECK!
  • #6 Cincinnati loses to SMU MISSED
  • #5 Michigan State loses to #6 Ohio State  CHECK!
  • #3 Oregon loses to Utah

Notre Dame moves up to #5 -- GOING TO PROJECT US AT #6



  • #5 Notre Dame beats Stanford convincingly
  • #4 Ohio State loses to Michigan

Notre Dame moves up to #4 -- GOING TO PROJECT US AT #5



  • #4 Notre Dame is idle 
  • No upsets in the Championship games // unless it's Oregon losing! PAC 12 IS OUT!



  • #1 GEORGIA

Notre Dame Sweeps #1 Michigan in Overtime!

Friday, November 19, 2021

A Uniform Reveal for Georgia Tech...


I thought I had seen it all...

Georgia Tech Week: Kelly's Thursday Session

Notre Dame Hockey Beats #1 Michigan in OT


Monday, November 15, 2021

Notre Dame Men's Soccer a #4 Seed in NCAA

click on image to enlarge

The team that prognosticators picked to finish LAST in the Atlantic Coast Conference -- just won the ACC Championship this weekend -- and they followed that up with the #4 overall seed in the NCAA Men's Soccer Championship.

Here's the bracket:  NCAA TOURNAMENT

Go Irish!

Georgia Tech Week: Brian Kelly Media Session

Is the College Football World Ready For This?

The folks at ESPN released this yesterday -- I'm sure it has not been well received in; Columbus, Cincinnati, Ann Arbor, Norman, Stillwater, Eugene and East Lansing...

But, if our Fighting Irish win its next two games -- this is what could happen on December 5th.


Sunday, November 14, 2021

Photo Of The Day: Lake Effect Snow at ND!

Was just sent this photo of the "lake effect" snow we're receiving this evening at the University of Notre Dame du Lac!

Photo was taken by my great friend and Holy Cross Priest -- Fr. Ralph Haag, C.S.C. -- who also serves as the Rector at St. Ed's Hall.



Injuries and Illness / Yet the Irish Are 9-1!!!

The number of players lost this season due to injuries and illness -- has been unlike anything I've seen in all the years watching Notre Dame Football.  Here's the players who have missed full games, so far this season -- it's amazing that we're 9-1!


DEFENSE -- 11 players missing 66 games

  • Marist Liufau (10 games) -- injured in preseason, lost for the season
  • Will Schweitzer (10 games) -- injured in preseason, lost for the season
  • Osita Ekonwu (10 games) -- injured in preseason, lost for the season
  • Shayne Simon (9 games) -- hurt in first game, lost for the season
  • Paul Moala (9 games) -- hurt in first game, lost for the season
  • JoJo Johnson (8 games) -- hurt after second game, lost for the season
  • Kurt Hinish (2 games) -- hurt after third game, missed the next two games
  • Jacob Lacey (3 games) -- hurt in fourth game, missed the next three games
  • Kyle Hamilton (3 games) -- hurt in 7th game, lost for the season
  • Drew White (1 game) -- illness, should return next week
  • Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa (1 game) -- illness, should return next week


 OFFENSE -- 12 players missing 41 games

  • Brendon Clark (10 games) -- injured last season, lost for the season -- transfer 
  • Logan Diggs (1 game) -- missed first game due to illness
  • Blake Fisher (9 games) -- injured in first game, may not return this season
  • Kevin Bauman (7 games) -- injured in first game, just returned last week
  • Michael Carmody (2 games) -- injured in second game, returned two weeks later
  • Tyler Buchner (1 game) -- injured in third game, returned two weeks later
  • Tosh Baker (1 game) -- injured in fourth game, returned two weeks later
  • Joe Wilkins (5 games) -- injured in fifth game, lost for the season
  • Michael Mayer (1 game) -- injured in fifth game, returned two weeks later
  • Chris Tyree (2 games) -- injured in fifth game, returned a few weeks later
  • Avery Davis (1 game) -- injured in ninth game, lost for the season
  • C'Bo Flemister (1 game) -- injured this past week, not sure of return


Syracuse WBB Coach Talks Loss to Notre Dame


Notre Dame Wins ACC Soccer Championship!


Notre Dame Men's Soccer just won its first ever ACC Championship -- and they did it in SHUTOUT FASHION!

And, the Fighting Irish beat some top teams along the way!

  • Notre Dame 2 - #11 Duke 0
  • Notre Dame 2 - #5 Pittsburgh 0
  • Notre Dame 0 - Louisville 0 (Irish win 3-0 on penalty kicks!)
  • Notre Dame 1 - NC State 0

Replay of "Logan's Leap" Last Night...

Virginia's Head Coach Talks Notre Dame Loss

Brian Kelly Talks Win Over Virginia!

Saturday, November 13, 2021

HIGHLIGHTS: Notre Dame 28 - Virginia 3

Freshman Blake Wesley -- Leads the Irish!


Well, maybe we have a new basketball star at Notre Dame!!! Freshman Blake Wesley led the Fighting Irish in his first game ever in gold and blue -- with a dominant performance...

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Niele Ivey Talks About Signing KK Bransford


KK Bransford was Ohio's Miss Basketball -- a nice get for the Fighting Irish!


A Big Day for Notre Dame Men's Basketball!


It's being heralded as a TOP 15 signing class for Notre Dame -- when was the last time we heard this about our Men's basketball program?


Pat Connaughton Knocks Down (7) Threes!


The former Fighting Irish star made a NBA career high SEVEN THREE POINTERS in the Milwaukee Bucks win last night over the New York Knicks in Madison Square Garden...


Sunday, November 7, 2021

Domer Seidel Finishes 4th in NYC Marathon


Molly Seidel's time today in the New York City Marathon is a new American record for this race...

To add to the lore of Molly Seidel -- it was revealed after the race that she had raced with two broken ribs...



Rudy Filmed 29 Years Ago Today During Game


The actual game scene of Rudy's QB sack was filmed during the halftime of Notre Dame vs. Boston College on this day in 1992... 

A game the 8th ranked Fighting Irish won 54 - 7 -- over the #9 ranked Eagles.  WOW!


Notre Dame's Defensive Performance vs. Navy

Decided to take a peek and see how well Notre Dame's defensive performance vs the Naval Academy stacked up this year.  Here's how it ranked vs. their other opponents:



Air Force:  36 yards -- on 34 carries

Notre Dame:  166 yards -- on 55 carries

SMU:  177 yards -- on 53 carries

Cincinnati:  192 yards -- on 67 carries

Memphis:  198 yards -- on 65 carries

Houston:  202 yards -- on 55 carries 

Tulsa:  302 yards -- on 60 carries

Marshall:  337 yards -- on 75 carries 

UCF:  348 yards -- on 76 carries


Air Force:  68 yards

Notre Dame:  184 yards

SMU:  241 yards

Memphis:  241 yards

Cincinnati:  271 yards

Houston:  300 yards 

Tulsa:  302 yards

Marshall:  398 yards

UCF:  406 yards