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Friday, December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas! "Carol of the Bells"


This is former Notre Dame All-American John Scully -- who also wrote/composed HERE COME THE IRISH -- at the piano...


Thursday, December 24, 2020

Christmas Mass With a Notre Dame Priest...

My good friend -- Fr. Ralph Haag, C.S.C. -- the Rector of St. Ed's Hall at the University of Notre Dame will be hosting a CHRISTMAS MASS online tomorrow at 5 PM ET.  Here is the info...

...join us for the Steds Sunday Hall Mass on the Road at 5pm EST. Click on either of the links below. Save them as they will work for EVERY Sunday. ALSO, Christmas Mass will be on Christmas Day at 5pm EST.

For the FaceBook link, click HERE.

For the Zoom, click HERE.


Merry Christmas From Notre Dame Athletics

Merry Christmas From Notre Dame

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Finebaum On College Football Playoff Teams

The "Christmas Star" Over Notre Dame

The "Christmas Star" -- the conjunction last night of Saturn and Jupiter on the Winter Solstice -- gave all on earth the best view of this since the Middle-Ages.

And, as you would expect, Notre Dame's award winning photographer, Matt Cashore -- was ever present to pick up this "once in a lifetime" photo...

ESPN: Why Notre Dame Over Texas A&M

Monday, December 21, 2020

Mustipher Receiving "Props" in Chicago!

He went un-drafted out of Notre Dame and signed as a free agent with the Chicago Bears' practice squad -- waiting his chance...


Another Butkus Award Winner at Notre Dame!


Today's announcement that Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah's selection as America's top LINEBACKER -- makes THREE Notre Dame LB's receiving the Butkus Award since 2012!

  • Manti Te'o -- 2012 recipient
  • Jaylon Smith -- 2015 recipient
  • Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah -- 2020 recipient

Then to top it all off -- it was announced today that incoming LB recruit Prince Kollie -- wins the Butkus Award for High School football!


Brian Kelly Talks About Rose Bowl vs. Bama

Sunday, December 20, 2020

We're In -- Now, We Must Do Something With It!



Bring on BAMA -- Why Not!

The "haters" are not happy with this -- but that's oky -- time to get our big boy pants on and be ready to defend Alabama's ability to run over you and throw over you...

No better way to get over what we ALL experienced last night. 

It has been 95 years since we've played in the Rose Bowl Game...

Friday, January 1st at 4 PM ET -- in Dallas, TX

  • #1 Alabama vs. #4 Notre Dame

Clark Lea's Introductory Press Conference

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Venables Talks About Stopping Notre Dame

Dabo Talks Big Win Over Notre Dame

Brian Kelly Talks Loss to Clemson

Total Domination: Clemson Over Notre Dame

Early Action Enrollment: ND Class of 2025

Click on image to enlarge...


The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame y'all!


Yeah, it's the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame y'all...\

We're in Charlotte -- playing for an ACC Championship.

Go Irish!

The World Reacts to Brian Kelly's Statement


Notre Dame's Dick Corbett Head Football Coach -- Brian Kelly, took a stand for his players and their families yesterday...

Playing for a "Conference" Championship



Friday, December 18, 2020

Brian Kelly Speaks Out Against "No Parents"

Ian Book: Pop Warner Award Winner!

 The Notre Dame QB just received his first national award!

Mom is Ready For Notre Dame vs. Clemson!

My dad just forwarded me this photo of my mom's grave site at St. Michael's Parish in Mecosta County, Michigan...

What you can't see is Mom's grave stone, the snow and ice was too difficult for my dad to clear off.  

What you do see is the ever present can of Coca-Cola (my mom's favorite drink), a Notre Dame hat (her favorite college) and a Christmas wreath.   My dad dropped off the hat and wreath this morning...

So, Mom's ready for the game.  


Dabo Talks Notre Dame Rematch...

This is a MUST READ for Notre Dame Fans...

We're going to continue to see many in the media pushing the narrative about Notre Dame football joining the ACC permanently.

Their motive -- to make Notre Dame like all the others.

Well, Yahoo! Sports Dan Wetzel -- took a stand today for Notre Dame's independence.  BRAVO!


Kirk Herbstreit Interviews Ian Book...

Thursday, December 17, 2020

45 Hours to #3 Clemson vs #2 Notre Dame

Here's the view from our son Jimmy Small's NASCAR offices, in downtown Charlotte, towards Bank of America Stadium -- site of Saturday's ACC Conference Championship game.  He's going to the game Saturday along with his old Notre Dame (Class of 2008) roommate.

The racing helmet in the foreground is painted in Notre Dame Helmet Gold!

Note the images on the video board!

Bryant & Kristin Young -- This is Notre Dame


Bryant and Kristin Young shared their family's story this past Tuesday night during THE FIGHT...

These two members of Notre Dame's Class of 1994 -- are special -- they represent the best of Notre Dame.

My Favorite Interview EVER of Tim Brown!


This is what you call an INSTANT CLASSIC -- Tim Brown being interviewed by Vic Lombardi during THE FIGHT -- Tuesday night...

Missed This: ESPN Crew Interviews Ian Book

Kelly and Polian Talk Notre Dame Recruiting

Trevor Lawrence w/ Dan Patrick Show...

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Clemson's Defensive Coordinator's Interview

THE FIGHT Begins at 6:42 PM ET Tonight!

Folks, if you're a fan of Notre Dame -- tonight, is your night!

For more than FIVE HOURS STRAIGHT -- we will be talking exclusively about Notre Dame Athletics!  Every single Notre Dame head coach, star players -- and many of Notre Dame's all-time greats will be talking about nothing but the Fighting Irish!

Consider this our online PEP RALLY for Saturday's ACC Championship game!

The broadcast begins at 6:42 PM ET and will end just a little past MIDNIGHT ET.

You can watch it all -- right here, at the link below.

Come, join THE FIGHT!



Brian Kelly's ACC Championship Presser...

Monday, December 14, 2020

TV Guide: Second Hour of THE FIGHT

These three guests this hour of THE FIGHT -- represent, the guy who holds the most QB records in Notre Dame history -- a gal who has won a National Championship, a World Championship, an Olympic Gold Medal and now she runs the best women's soccer team in the world -- and a Pro Football Hall of Famer...

Here's the interview line-up for the 8 PM ET HOUR of THE FIGHT:
  • Link Jarrett -- Notre Dame Head Baseball Coach
  • Brady Quinn -- Maxwell Award Winner
  • Indi Jackson -- Former Notre Dame student-athlete
  • Kate Markgraf -- GM, U.S. Women's National Soccer Team
  • Jerome Bettis -- Pro Football Hall of Famer
  • Daelin Hayes -- Notre Dame Football Captain
  • Susan Holt -- Notre Dame Women's Golf Head Coach
  • Julian Love -- New York Giants defensive back
  • Ashley Penn -- Former Notre Dame National Champ, Women's Soccer

The Fight begins tomorrow -- Tuesday, December 15th at 6:42 PM ET -- it end at MIDNIGHT ET.


Sunday, December 13, 2020

Dabo Swinney Talks Notre Dame Game Today...

Notre Dame Hangs On to Beat Kentucky!

TV Guide: First Hour of Tuesday's THE FIGHT

Tuesday's THE FIGHT begins at 6:42 PM ET -- here are the guests scheduled to be interviewed during the first hour of the broadcast -- in order:

  • Jack Swarbrick
  • Christine Halfpenny, Head Coach -- ND Women's Lacrosse
  • John Handrigan, Head Coach -- ND Men's Golf
  • Niele Ivey, Head Coach -- ND Women's Basketball
  • Yared Nuguse '21, NCAA Champion in 1500 meters
  • Jeff Jackson, Head Coach -- ND Hockey
  • Jack Kielty '20, Captain -- ND Men's Lacrosse
  • AJ & Kate Pollock, 2020 World Series Champ, Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Deanna Gumpf, Head Coach --ND Softball
  • Bryant & Kristin Young, San Francisco 49ers Hall of Famer
  • Jac Collinsworth, NBC Sports
  • Nate Norman, Head Coach -- ND Women's Soccer
  • Dave Butler, former ND Linebacker




Brady Quinn Talks Jim Harbaugh & Michigan

Brian Kelly Talks Clemson on Rich Eisen Show

Friday, December 11, 2020

My Favorite Non-Notre Dame Game Each Year!


And, I will admit -- I cry almost every time I watch CBS's opener to this special game -- AMERICA'S GAME: The Army Navy Game.

Tomorrow at 3:00 PM ET on CBS.

Here's a look at Saturday's "uniform war" between Nike (Army) and Under Armour (Navy).  The big difference here -- Army's uniform has a story...

CBS Sports HQ -- CFB Playoff Predictions

Sacred Places of Notre Dame: December 11th

Sunday, December 6, 2020

Urban Meyer Picks His "Coach of the Year"

Know Thy Foe: Clemson vs. Virginia Tech

The ACC Championship Talk Has Begun...

Took a lap around the worldwide web this morning to see if the media is already looking ahead to what I believe will be the highest rated broadcast of an Atlantic Coast Conference game in history...

We just need to put our "thick skin" suits on because there will be very few -- if any -- media pundits who think we can beat Clemson.





Notre Dame Players Talk Syracuse Win

Brian Kelly Talks Win Over Syracuse

Syracuse's Williams Talks Loss to Notre Dame

Syracuse Coach After Notre Dame Loss...

Sacred Places of Notre Dame: December 6th

Friday, December 4, 2020

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Tim Brown w/ Warren Sapp & Brian Jones


Tim Brown -- always representing the Fighting Irish!

Set Your Calendars for THE FIGHT -- 12/15/20

On Tuesday, December 15th we'll be producing a LIVE show from the Notre Dame campus called THE FIGHT for the Notre Dame Student-Athlete.
From 6:42 PM ET to MIDNIGHT ET -- we'll be interviewing Notre Dame student-athletes, coaches and all-time greats.


Rose Bowl -- Absolutely No Spectators...

It has been 95 years since the University of Notre Dame has played in the Rose Bowl.  

It is the one BOWL GAME I've always wanted to see our beloved Fighting Irish play in.  And, wouldn't you know it -- at present, we're trending to play in this game...

Unfortunately -- the Rose Bowl announced today that NO ONE, not even the players' families will be allowed in to see this years Rose Bowl game.  Unbelievable.



Holtz Receives Presidential Medal of Freedom


The Notre Dame coaching great received the Presidential Medal of Freedom today!

Molly Seidel: U.S. Olympian from Notre Dame


Former Notre Dame track and cross country star -- Molly Seidel '16 -- was interviewed today by Ryan Harris during our HERE COME THE IRISH Football Show...

You will want to watch this!

Arike Scores 29 in EuroLeague Debut for Kursk


Former Notre Dame basketball star Arike Ogunbowale -- is playing for the Kursk Dynamo (Russia) team in the EuroLeague.  She scored 29 points in her debut Tuesday night.

The video above is the full game replay.


ESPN: More Talk About College Football Playoff

Sacred Places of Notre Dame: December 3rd

Sacred Places of Notre Dame: December 2nd

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Notre Dame Hockey Beats #3 Michigan

North Carolina Media Talks Notre Dame Loss

Here's what the North Carolina media had to say about Notre Dame's convincing win over their Tar Heels...







The Media the "Mornin' After" Our Big Win!

Took another lap around the worldwide web this morning to see what the media has to say about the Fighting Irish's win over #19 North Carolina last night...







Mike Brey Talks Game w/ #13 Michigan State

The Fighting Irish tip off the hoops season traveling to East Lansing to take on the #13 ranked Michigan State Spartans.

You can watch the game on the Big Ten Network beginning at 8 PM ET.

Go Irish!

Friday, November 27, 2020

Mack Brown Talks Loss to Notre Dame Today

Game Highlights: Notre Dame Over Carolina...

Photos: Notre Dame 31 -- North Carolina 17

Inside the Numbers -- Notre Dame's Defense

This was a true gut check for the Notre Dame defense...

You're playing the top offense in the ACC and maybe the top offense in all of college football -- without your top safety in a 17 - 17 game when North Carolina gets the 2nd half kick-off...

Inside the performance of the Notre Dame defense:

  • 17 points given up -- to a team that was averaging 40.2 pts. per game
  • 298 yards given up -- to a team that averaged 533.9 yards per game
  • 87 yards rushing given up -- to a team that averaged 217.2 yards per game 
  • 211 yards passing given up -- to a team that averaged 313.67 yards per game
  • 6 QB sacks -- to a team that averaged giving up 3.6 QB sacks per game


North Carolina only gained 58 total yards in the 2nd half!

ABC's Video Clips From Notre Dame's Win!

Clark Lea for President! WOW!

No one has done this to the North Carolina offense...

An absolute second half defensive clinic -- with Kyle Hamilton on the sidelines!

Here Come The Irish Football Show: UNC Week

Here Come The Irish: Claypool Interview

Watch this week's Here Come The Irish Football Show at 12:11 PM ET today at the link below.  Great lead in to today's big game!


The "Experts" Pick Today's Game Winner...

Took a lap around the worldwide web this morning -- here's who they're picking as the winner of #2 Notre Dame vs. #19 North Carolina...








Thursday, November 26, 2020

Common Foes: Notre Dame & North Carolina

Took a look at the common opponents of North Carolina and our Fighting Irish.  Here's what the numbers look like...



  • North Carolina 26 -- Boston College 22
    • Total yards for NC:  401
    • Total yards for BC: 353
  • Notre Dame 45 -- Boston College 31
    • Total yards for ND:  557
    • Total yards for BC:  357



  • Florida State 31 -- North Carolina 28
    • Total yards for NC:  558
    • Total yards for FSU:  432
  • Notre Dame 42 -- Florida State 26
    • Total yards for ND:  554
    • Total yards for FSU:  405



  • North Carolina 56 -- Duke 24
    • Total yards for NC:  573
    • Total yards for Duke:  411
  • Notre Dame 27 -- Duke 13 
    • Total yards for ND:  441
    • Total yards for Duke:  334



  • Notre Dame
    • Points scored:  114
    • Points given up:  70
    • Point differential:  +44
    • Total yards gained:  1,552
    • Total yards given up:  1,096
    • Yard differential:  +456
  • North Carolina:
    • Points scored:  110
    • Points given up: 77
    • Point differential:  +33
    • Total yards gained:  1,532
    • Total yards given up:  1,196
    • Yard differential:  +438
  •  ND vs. NC analysis:
    • Points scored:  Notre Dame / 4 points more
    • Points given up:  Notre Dame / 7 points less
    • Total yards gained:  Notre Dame / 20 more yards gained
    • Total yards given up:  Notre Dame / 100 yards less
  • BOTTOM LINE -- very even game.

North Carolina's "Hype Video" for Friday...

Thanksgiving Proclamation from Notre Dame

A friend, neighbor and Notre Dame Law School professor, Roger Alford -- asked me to post this Thanksgiving Proclamation -- which is based on President Lincoln's Thanksgiving Proclamation of 1863...

Please read and sign if you agree.


ACC Network: Notre Dame vs. North Carolina

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Connaughton's New Deal Puts Him On List!

Pat Connaughton just agreed to a new three year agreement with the Milwaukee Bucks that puts him in "rare air" among former Notre Dame student-athletes.

Here's a look at the TOP 25 current and former Notre Dame athletes (football, basketball, baseball and hockey) who have been (and will be) paid the most as a professional athlete:

  • Ronnie Stanley:  $132,131,825 -- not guaranteed, contract 2025
  • Jeff Samardzija:  $127,625,000 -- current free agent
  • Zack Martin:  $102,329,796 -- not guaranteed, contract to 2024 
  • Kyle Rudolph:  $77,897,708 -- not guaranteed, contract to 2023
  • A.J. Pollock:  $76,397,500 -- guaranteed contract to 2023 
  • Jaylon Smith:  $75,022,000 -- not guaranteed contract to 2025
  • Anders Lee:  $71,894,038 -- guaranteed contract to 2026
  • Golden Tate:  $70,837,672 -- not guaranteed, contract to 2022
  • Troy Murphy:  $66,000,000 
  • Stephon Tuitt:  $64,760,551 -- not guaranteed, contract to 2022
  • Harrison Smith:  $63,666,546 -- not guaranteed, contract to 2021
  • Bryant Young:  $44,000,000
  • Justin Tuck:  $43,248,463 
  • John Sullivan:  $40,050,021
  • Jerome Bettis:  $35,122,500
  • Jeff Faine:  $34,456,892
  • Kyle Palmieri:  $34,442,154 -- guaranteed contract to 2021
  • Tim Brown:  $28,432,686
  • Pat Connaughton:  $27,165,642 -- guaranteed contract to 2023
  • Ian Cole:  $26,049,694 -- guaranteed contract to 2021
  • Joe Montana:  $26,000,000 
  • Quenton Nelson:  $24,148,910 -- not guaranteed, contract to 2021
  • Ian Cole:  $23,049,694 -- guaranteed, contract to 2021
  • Craig Counsell:  $22,086,667
  • David Phelps:  $19,308,813 -- free agent

ACC Network: Hype Video?

Coach Kelly Catches Up w/ Dexter Williams

Notre Dame Players Talk North Carolina Game

Monday, November 23, 2020

Thanksgiving Music Video from Notre Dame!


I hope you'll enjoy this music video our team created for the University of Notre Dame...



Great Photos From Notre Dame This Evening!


Click on the images above to enlarge

These photos were taken this evening by Fr. Ralph Haag, C.S.C. -- the rector at St. Ed's Hall...


Mack Brown Talks Playing Notre Dame

Brian Kelly Talks Game w/ Tar Heels

LIVE Chat Tonight at 8:30 PM ET

Please tune in tonight at 8:30 PM ET for a Thanksgiving LIVE CHAT with Fr. John Jenkins, C.S.C. -- the president of the University of Notre Dame.
At the Chat's conclusion we will be releasing a music video -- you will not want to miss!


Sunday, November 22, 2020

Roethlisberger Talks "A Little" About Claypool


The rookie WR from Notre Dame scored another TD today -- making it 10 TD receptions in 10 games -- the first wide receiver to do this in the Super Bowl era... 

You'll hear the Claypool comments at the 8:16 mark.

Our Guy Brady Quinn Called Out by Urban

Friday, November 20, 2020

Heaven Got a Good One Yesterday...


Just learned a family friend Conrad Peterson (on the right in this photo) of Old Harbor, Alaska -- left for Heaven yesterday...
Man, what a great guy.  My Dad (on the left in the photo) and my Uncle Denny have been making the yearly trek to fish with the guys at Kodiak Sportsman's Lodge since 2005 -- where Conrad has guided since 2003.  I had the great fortune to make that trip in 2017 and quickly formed a bond with this man.

Conrad was also the Tribal President of the Alutiq Tribe of Old Harbor...

Two years ago, Conrad and his wife Amy came to South Bend to watch the Fighting Irish play a game inside Notre Dame Stadium.  They stayed in our home and we gave the two of them a wonderful Notre Dame football experience.
Since our first meeting in 2017 -- we've been texting back and forth about fishing, Notre Dame football and all things Alaska.  He will be missed...
Conrad & Amy


ESPN's College Football Playoff Predictor

Carolina Insider -- Talk of Game vs. Notre Dame


The "Notre Dame talk" begins at the 4:30 mark...

Monday, November 16, 2020

Know Thy Foe: North Carolina's Mack Brown


Press conference after North Carolina's "shoot out" victory over Wake Forest...

Clemson vs. Notre Dame -- Top Opponent...

This far into the season -- here's a look at how both Clemson and Notre Dame fared against their most accomplished common opponent -- Boston College Eagles:


Game Location vs. Boston College:

  • Boston College traveled to Clemson (home game)
  • Notre Dame (away game) traveled to Boston College 


Final Score vs. Boston College:

  • Clemson 34 -- Boston College 28
  • Notre Dame 45 -- Boston College 31


Offensive Statistics vs. Boston College

  • Clemson Offense
    • Points Scored:  34
    • First Downs:  26
    • Total Yards:  448 yards
    • Passing Yards:  342 yards
    • Rushing Yards:  106 yards
    • 3rd Down:  7 - 16
    • Possession:  30:50
    • Turnovers:  1 fumble lost
    • Punts:  3
  • Notre Dame Offense
    • Points Scored:  45
    • First Downs:  29
    • Total Yards:  557 yards
    • Passing Yards:  283 yards
    • Rushing Yards:  274 yards
    • 3rd Down:  4 - 9
    • Possession:  34:27
    • Turnovers: 3 fumbles lost
    • Punts:  0


Defensive Statistics vs. Boston College:

  • Clemson Defense
    • First Downs:  21
    • Total Yards:  275 yards
    • Passing Yards:  208 yards
    • Rushing Yards:  67 yards
    • 3rd Down: 4 - 11
    • Tackles For Loss:  8
    • QB Sacks:  4
    • Turnovers:  0
  • Notre Dame Defense
    • First Downs:  22
    • Total Yards:  357 yards
    • Passing Yards:  272 yards
    • Rushing Yards:  85 yards
    • 3rd Down:  4 - 11
    • Tackles For Loss:  7
    • QB Sacks:  1
    • Turnovers:  1 interception


Swarbrick Interviews President of NBC Sports

Saturday, November 14, 2020

Well, My "Notre Dame Cast" is Undefeated!

I broke my ankle a couple of weeks ago -- took a nasty fall off a ladder, broke both bones and dislocated it...
The good news is my surgeon was Dr. Jim Flynn '03 -- a Notre Dame alum who is a former student manager for the Fighting Irish football team.  He's great at his craft and in a few months I suspect I'll be back on my feet!
My wife Susan did the honors of painting IRISH on my cast -- this afternoon -- before the Boston College game!