Tuesday, December 15, 2015

WEBCAMS: Notre Dame Stadium Construction

Here's a link to four webcams situated all around Notre Dame Stadium -- giving you a LIVE LOOK at the construction going on at the HOUSE THAT ROCK BUILT.

Construction is set to be completed by the start of the 2017 football season.

If you look at the webcam that looks into the Stadium -- you'll note the old Press Box is gone...


The "Swish" Heard Round South Bend!

Nick Becker is a fifth grade basketball player here in South Bend -- who has aspirations to play football someday for the Fighting Irish...

Nick has Down syndrome.

Saturday, December 5th -- in a gym in South Bend, IN -- Nick Becker scored his first two points in a basketball game (he made his second shot too!).  He, his family and his friends scored more in the game of life...

There's a line in the Notre Dame Victory March "...what though the odds be great or small..."

I'm betting on Nick!

You're going to want to read this story...

Special thanks to Rick Becker -- Nick's Dad -- who sent me a note this morning alerting me to the video and story he had written about Nick's first bucket!