Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Trying to Justify Why Leave Early for WNBA?

I'm guessing Jewell Loyd and her advisers are banking on this happening tomorrow (Thursday) night at the 2015 WNBA Draft:
  • She's drafted #1 overall by the Seattle Storm
  • A phone call soon follows from a China area code
  • And, a second phone call from a Russia area code

So goes the life a female professional basketball player -- unless you're a Notre Dame grad named Skylar...

The WNBA team that drafts Jewell will pay her a max of $49,500 -- the rookie salary cap -- for its four-month season.  But, professional teams in Europe and Asia are paying much more -- for their four month seasons;
  • Britney Griner, #1 overall pick in 2013 made $49,440 this past year in the WNBA and $610,000 playing in China...
  • Diana Taurasi, #1 overall pick in 2004 made $1.5 million this past year playing in Russia -- she's decided not to come back this season to play in the WNBA
  • Candace Parker, #1 overall pick in 2008 made "close to $1 million" this past year -- playing for the same team in Russia as Taurasi

I'm guessing Jewell Loyd will make $400,000 to $500,000 or so -- assuming she plays overseas -- her first year away from Notre Dame...  Now, would she have made similar annual income waiting to go in next year's draft?

It's obvious an agent got to Jewell and her family and showed them that going #1 overall this year -- versus going #2 overall next year, behind Breanna Stewart -- would severely impact the bargaining power of Jewell's first professional contract in Europe or Asia.

It's not about the WNBA.

Here's hoping Jewell goes #1 to Seattle tomorrow night -- and the Chinese and Russians take notice.  She's rolled the dice...


Brian Kelly With Media After Practice Today

Had the great pleasure of attending Notre Dame's football practice today -- along with the media session after.

I did ask a question of Coach Kelly about his "fu mancho" mustache he's been showing off the last week or so...

If you were concerned -- I am hoping you were not -- he let us know it will not be his sideline look for the 2015 season.

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