Thursday, July 3, 2014

Notre Dame Fans: Here's the Field Turf Story

I thought the Fighting Irish fan base would enjoy learning a little more about the new playing surface being installed inside Notre Dame Stadium. 

Here's the Field Turf promotional video followed by a short video that tells the story about how field turf drains water -- interesting stuff here...




OT: Baylor's New Stadium Field Turf Installation

As you can see in this photo -- the field turf is being laid directly over top of the stone surface -- here at Baylor's brand new football stadium.

A photo of the progress inside Notre Dame Stadium (see post) shows a stone covered playing surface -- the actual turf installation must not be far off!

Know Thy Opponent: First Look at Rice Owls

Here's a USA Today story on Notre Dame's first opponent of the 2014 season -- the Rice Owls.

Not many "top tier" college football programs schedule an opening game with a team coming off of a TEN WIN season -- yet, that's the case with the Irish home opener with Rice.  The Owls went 10 - 3 last season.


This Is the Package Under Armour Is Using...

Over the past few days -- Under Armour has sent out a "gold" case out to influencers announcing the official start of their relationship with Notre Dame -- here is what it looks like.

Latest Photo Taken From Notre Dame Stadium

The new field turf installation keeps humming along inside Notre Dame Stadium.  As you can see a layer of stone now resides over top of the drainage system...

The first game against Rice is now only 59 days away!

Must Read Story: Domer Mark Green '89

Notre Dame fans will remember former student-athlete Mark Green '89, who played running back during the Holtz era for the Fighting Irish. 

His is a story the Notre Dame Football staff will want to share with a number of the top high school football players (and their families) in the country...


Under Armour Market Cap Up $3.9 Billion!

On January 21, 2014 the University of Notre Dame and Under Armour announced the largest shoe and apparel contract in the history of collegiate athletics.  At the time -- Under Armour's market cap was $8.96 Billion.

Fast forward 164 days later...

Under Armour's market cap is now $12.89 Billion -- an increase of 43.5% since the Notre Dame announcement.

Texas A&M's Kevin Sumlin a Notre Dame Fan

This photo was making the rounds on Twitter the last few days.  It shows former Notre Dame running back Vagas Ferguson with three young Fighting Irish fans...

Well, the young man in the Notre Dame sweatshirt on the left is none other than the head football coach for the Texas A&M Aggies -- Kevin Sumlin.

Sumlin grew up in Indiana...