Sunday, September 30, 2018

Only 14 Undefeated College Football Teams

A Look at the AP Top Ten's "Signature Wins"

Here's a look at the current AP Top Ten Teams -- and their top two "signature wins" so far this season:
  1. Alabama -- beat Texas A&M and Louisville
  2. Georgia -- beat South Carolina and Missouri
  3. Ohio State -- beat TCU and #11 Penn State
  4. Clemson -- beat Texas A&M and Syracuse
  5. LSU -- beat #8 Auburn and #17 Miami
  6. NOTRE DAME -- beat #14 Stanford and #15 Michigan
  7. Oklahoma -- beat Iowa State and Baylor
  8. Auburn -- beat #10 Washington and Arkansas
  9. West Virginia -- beat Texas Tech and Kansas State
  10. Washington -- beat Utah and Arizona State

Ian Book vs. the "Heisman Favorite QB's"

Thought I'd take a look at the last two weeks to see how Ian Book's performance -- stacks up against the QB's being talked about as the Heisman favorites...

Ian Book:
  • Passing:  49 for 67 = 73%
  • Passing Yards:  603 yds.
  • Interceptions: 0
  • Rushing Yards:  90 yds.
  • TD's Passing:  6 TD's
  • TD's Rushing:  3 TD's
  • Opponents:  Wake Forest and #7 Stanford

Tua Tagovoiloa:
  • Passing:  30 for 38 = 79%
  • Passing Yards:  515 yds.
  • Interceptions:  0
  • Rushing Yards:  22 yds.
  • TD's Passing:  6 TD's
  • TD's Rushing:  1 TD
  • Opponents:  #22 Texas A&M and Louisiana

Dwayne Haskins:
  • Passing:  43 for 63 = 68%
  • Passing Yards:  574 yds.
  • Interceptions:  1
  • Rushing Yards:  13 yds. 
  • TD's Passing:  8 TD's
  • TD's Rushing:  0 TD's 
  • Opponents: Tulane and #9 Penn State

Kyler Murray:
  • Passing: 28 for 36 = 78%
  • Passing Yards:   597 yds
  • Interceptions:  1
  • Rushing Yards:  116 yds.
  • TD's Passing:  9 TD's
  • TD's Rushing:  2 TD's
  • Opponents:  Army and Baylor

Will Grier:
  • Passing:  52 for 76 = 68%
  • Passing Yards:  726 yds.
  • Interceptions:  2
  • Rushing Yards:  -15 yds.
  • TD's Passing:  8 TD's
  • TD's Rushing:  0 TD's
  • Opponents:  Kansas State and #25 Texas Tech 

When does Book get some Heisman love?

Notre Dame Only Moves Up One Spot in Poll

Looks like the coaches are aligning along conference lines...

Just need to keep winning and the rankings will take care of themselves.


Must Read "A Mom and Her Notre Dame Son"

This is a must read...

The photo above (South Bend Tribune) was taken of Dexter Williams and his Mom, getting ready to hug, prior to walking into Notre Dame Stadium yesterday.


He Just Started His Next "Notre Dame Streak"

I learned this morning that my friend Stanley Weber (Tiffin, OH), left for Heaven yesterday at the age of 94.

His devoted nephew, Joe Fretz -- you'll see Joe in the video above -- sent a text to let me know.

This Notre Dame "surperfan" attended his first game inside Notre Dame Stadium on November 22, 1941 -- and for the next 76 years -- Stanley was a fixture at his seat in the front row, on the "east side" of the famed Tunnel entrance.

Well, Stanley Weber just started a new streak yesterday, watching his first game from Heaven's Notre Dame Section.

Stanley -- thanks for loving Notre Dame and Her football team.

Here's some of my posts the last few years about Stanley Weber:


Drinking From the "Cup of Victory!"

David Shaw Talks Notre Dame 38 - Stanford 17

Missed This -- David Shaw With Colin Cowherd

This interview took place on Thursday this week...   Here's a "tweet" during the game tonight by Colin Cowherd:

ABC Announces ND vs. Va Tech at 8 PM ET

Not surprised -- an undefeated Notre Dame football team visiting Blacksburg, VA will be a big TV draw...

Going to be quite a game next week!  I'm going down to the game with my three boys and my Dad -- should be quite the trip!

Quick Look at the National Media Reaction...

Just took a lap around the worldwide web to see what's being said about Notre Dame's dominant performance tonight vs. Stanford...




This Was Stanford's "Motivational Video"

This is the motivational video they created for the game tonight vs. our #8 ranked Fighting Irish.

It will be interesting to see what they use next week!

Highlights: Notre Dame 38 - Stanford 17

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Photo of the Game -- The "Non-Interception"

Rob Franklin -- the talented photographer at the South Bend Tribune -- took this photo of Alohi Gilman's interception that was nullified by penalty.

DOMINATION! -- Notre Dame 38 - Stanford 17

Here are the facts -- a dominant DEFENSE:
  • 17 points
  • 55 yards rushing
  • 174 yards passing
  • 229 total yards of offense -- only 31 yards in the 2nd half!
  • 10 first downs
  • 3 for 13 on third down
  • 25:37 time of possession
Here are the facts -- a dominant OFFENSE:
  • 38 points
  • 272 yards rushing
  • 278 yards passing
  • 550 total yards of offense
  • 29 first downs 
  • 9 for 17 on third down
  • 34:23 time of possession

ESPN College GameDay Crew Picks Winner

Brian Kelly's Weekly Radio Show...

Five Hours to Stanford vs. Notre Dame !!!

Herbstreit Talks Stanford vs. Notre Dame...

Friday, September 28, 2018

The Knute Rockne Era Began 100 Years Ago!

Today, September 28th -- marks the 100th anniversary of Knute Rockne's first game as head football coach at the University of Notre Dame!  Rockne's team won that game over Case Western 26 - 6.

It was win #1 of 105 at Notre Dame for the legendary coach!

Brian Kelly's Last Presser Before Stanford...

Notre Dame Players Talk Saturday's Game...

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Stanford & Notre Dame Team Up for Team USA

Ironically, Tiger Woods (Stanford student for two years) and Patrick Reed (Notre Dame fan) will team up tomorrow morning for TEAM USA in match #4 of the 2018 RYDER CUP!

I Missed This -- Brian Kelly With Dan Patrick

Jim Rome Show: Brian Kelly on Stanford

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

An 11 Year-Old's Letters to Coach Frank Leahy

My Uncle RJ Doyle -- who left for Heaven on Christmas Eve -- wrote these two letters (back in 1947 -- when he was 11 years-old) to Notre Dame's Head Football Coach, Frank Leahy.

The Fighting Irish were 9 - 0 that year and won the National Championship.

My cousin Mike -- "Uncle RJ's third of four boys" sent me these two letters. When I read them -- I knew they must be shared with the Notre Dame family.  I know Aunt Barb, Kevin, Pat, Mike and Denny -- miss him, big time.  So do I.

Oh, how Uncle RJ loved Notre Dame.

As you can see in his "practice" letter to Coach Leahy (top letter below) -- Uncle RJ wanted the Irish to play Michigan.  Well, he got his wish (again) this season!

I'm quite confident that Uncle RJ is enjoying the 4-0 start from Heaven's Notre Dame Section -- with Grandpa Ray, Grandma Barb, Joan (his sister, my Mom), his daughter-in-law Susan and the rest of our family.  I smile this evening (with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat) knowing they will all be sitting together again Saturday night -- rooting as hard as ever for the Fighting Irish.

It's what we do. 

The gift of Notre Dame -- has been a gift passed from generation to generation to generation in the Doyle Clan.  These two letters (from 71 years-ago) are another gift to our family...

Go Irish! -- Go Family! -- Beat Stanford!

Just "double click" on the letters above to enlarge.

I Am Told -- This Is Must See On Wednesday!

A look back at the 2018 National Championship -- those who have seen a sneak preview, tell me -- "YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!"

You can watch it at this link below -- beginning at 8:00 PM ET Wednesday night (September 26th).

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Josh Adams Makes His NFL Debut Today

Up Next: The Undefeated Stanford Cardinal

It's Been 93 Years Since This Has Happened!

It was the 1925 Rose Bowl Game, Stanford vs. Notre Dame -- two legendary coaches; Pop Warner and Knute Rockne...

Both teams were UNDEFEATED -- it's the last time these two teams met in this game without a loss. 

FYI:  Notre Dame won that game 27 - 10.  The recap of that game is linked below.

It's long been rumored that the money the University of Notre Dame was paid to play in this, their one and only Rose Bowl Game -- went to pay for the construction of Dillon Hall.  I've yet to confirm this.

Undefeated Stanford visits undefeated Notre Dame -- this Saturday, under the lights in Notre Dame Stadium.  It's going to be great!


Only 21 Teams Remain Unbeaten This Morning

The list of unbeaten teams totaled 34 going into Week #4 of the college football season...

Now there are just 21 FBS teams that remain unbeaten:
  • Alabama
  • Clemson
  • Ohio State
  • Georgia
  • Stanford
  • Kentucky
  • Colorado
  • LSU
  • North Texas
  • Penn State
  • Ohio State
  • Oklahoma
  • West Virginia
  • NC State
  • Syracuse
  • Duke
  • USF
  • Cincinnati
  • UCF
  • Buffalo

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Now, Here's a "Sister" With Some Style!

The Fighting Irish Are Back in South Bend!

Here's some photos of the victorious Notre Dame Fighting Irish -- back here at South Bend International Airport -- after beating Wake Forest 56 - 27.

Holly Rowe Interviews Ian Book After Game

Coach Kelly On Field After Big Win Today

Wake Forest Coach Talks Loss to Notre Dame

Ian Book Talks About His 5-TD Game Today

Brian Kelly Talks 56 - 27 Win Over Wake Forest

Ian Book Has a Day! -- Irish Roll 56 - 27

Ranked #8 and Only a 6.5 Pt. Favorite...

The odds makers are not respecting our Fighting Irish -- I guess here is why:

We have the worst ranked offensive unit among the Top 25 teams in the country -- this is why there is a rumored new starter at QB today:
  • 3rd Down Conversion Rate: 36% -- ranked 89th 
  • Passing Completion Rate:  57% -- ranked 88th
  • Passes Had Intercepted:  4 -- ranked 106th
  • Red Zone Offense: 8 scores -- ranked 85th
  • Passing Yards:  200.7 -- ranked 89th
  • Rushing Yards:  164.7 -- ranked 76th
  • Scoring Offense:  23.3 -- ranked 103rd
  • Total Offense:  365.3 -- ranked 99th

It's amazing were undefeated -- when you see these stats.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

To Be Performed at Notre Dame Stadium...

In just a few weeks (Saturday, October 20th) America's Got Talent finalist, Michael Ketterer will be performing this song -- that was written for him by Garth Brooks -- at Notre Dame Stadium in front of 85,000 people...

It will be interesting to see if this news has any impact on Ketterer performing with Garth Brooks.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Garth Brooks Talks Notre Dame Sell-Out...

Here's a link below to Garth Brooks at his "Inside Studio G" show tonight...

He announced a surprise for his upcoming concert at Notre Dame Stadium -- and he talked about his unique stage.


First Look at What's Up Next: Wake Forest

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Notre Dame Remains at #8 in Both Polls...

Notre Dame remains #8 in both the AP Poll and Amway Coaches Poll...


Game Changing Plays at the Goal Line!


Hey, We Could Be Fans of a Big Ten Team!

Seven Big Ten teams lost non-conference football games yesterday... 

It's the single worst day in Big Ten Football history -- since 1936.
  • #6 Wisconsin -- lost at home to BYU
  • Nebraska -- lost at home to Troy
  • Rutgers -- lost to Kansas
  • Maryland -- lost at home to Temple
  • Northwestern -- lost at home to Akron
  • Purdue -- lost at home to Missouri
  • Illinois -- lost at home to South Florida


Vanderbilt's Coach Talks Loss to Notre Dame

Wimbush Talks Win Over Vanderbilt Saturday

Coach Kelly's Post Game Press Conference

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Garth Brooks Tickets On Sale Friday 10 AM ET

If you're looking to see Garth Brooks in concert at Notre Dame Stadium -- here's Garth talking about the ticket process -- and the upcoming show.

This will get you fired up!


You can go into the Ticketmaster "waiting room" beginning at 9 AM ET.



Notre Dame Players Talk Vanderbilt Game...

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Vandy Week: Brian Kelly's Tuesday Presser

Notre Dame Remembers the 9/11 Attacks

Here's the New York City Police Department's flag being flown in South Quad today on the campus of the University of Notre Dame.

In addition -- Notre Dame students planted 2,977 American flags on campus to honor the victims.

Four Notre Dame family members were killed on 9-1-1.  Here's their names with US Flags -- at the 9/11 Memorial in New York City.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

ESPN's Marty Smith & Trick Shot Monday

ESPN's Marty Smith Interviews Wimbush

Green Bay Packers Sign Greer Martini...

Martini, an un-drafted free agent and former Notre Dame linebacker -- was signed today to the Green Bay Packer's Practice Squad. 

Congrats Greer!


Jerome Bettis' Sings the Victory March to Eisen

This happened a few weeks ago...

Those Who Believed Michigan Was Better...

Extended NBC Highlights: Win Over Michigan

ESPN Writer -- "ND Takes Another Step..."

Thought you'd enjoy this...


Brandon Wimbush's Post Game Media Session

Notre Dame Players Talk Win Over Michigan

Jim Harbaugh's Media Session After Loss to ND

Took a Quick Lap Around the Michigan Media

Here's what the Michigan media is saying about Notre Dame's 24 - 17 win over their Wolverines...




Big Ten Network's Post Game from Notre Dame

Brian Kelly Talks Big Win Over Michigan!

Wimbush to Finke -- 43 Yard TD Catch!

NBC Post Game Show -- Brian Kelly Interview

Highlights: Notre Dame 24 -- Michigan 17

Notre Dame Beats Michigan 24- 17 -- Go Irish!


Saturday, September 1, 2018

Even the "GOLD GANG" Wears Green Today!

And, Justin Tuck too!!!

Yep, The Fighting Irish Wear Green Today!

Here's an early photo from the College GameDay set at Notre Dame this morning.

College GameDay Set Get's Bigger & Bigger...

Here's a look at the College GameDay set at Notre Dame!

Muffet's Fighting Irish Receive Their Rings!

19 Hours and 19 Minutes to Michigan vs. ND...

But, who's counting?