Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Domers Watt & Robinson: A Kid's Christmas

Former Notre Dame student-athletes Chris Watt (#65) and Trevor Robinson (#60) -- joined their Chargers' offensive line teammates and 27 kids from the San Diego community at a San Diego Macy's for a Christmas "shopping spree" last night.



OT: NIKE -- I've Got To Hand It To You...

This is pretty awesome...

Nike has created a "base layer" (this is the latest rage in uniform design) for Ohio State to wear in the upcoming College Football Playoff that features WOODY HAYES' last few chalkboard sessions as a head coach for the Buckeyes.

The "68" is a shout out to their 1968 National Championship team.


ND FANS will get a kick out of this Woody Hayes' WIKI entry:

During his tenure at Ohio State, Hayes would joke that he considered himself to be Notre Dame's best recruiter because if he could not convince a recruit to come to Ohio State instead of Michigan he would try to steer the recruit to Notre Dame, whom Ohio State did not play. 

While Hayes' public stance was that he refused to play Notre Dame because he was afraid of polarizing the Catholic population in Ohio, Notre Dame's long-time athletic director Moose Krause said that Hayes had told him that Hayes liked having Michigan as the only tough game on the Ohio State schedule and that having the Buckeyes play Notre Dame would detract from that.  

Domer Jeff Samardzija Traded To White Sox

Former Notre Dame All-America wide receiver Jeff Samardzija is headed "back" to Chicago to play professional ball -- this time for the White Sox.