Sunday, November 20, 2022

Know Thy Foe: USC Head Coach, QB & LB


The Trojans beat USC in the Rose Bowl last night -- here's the press conference after...

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

ESPN's McElroy on Who is the Best Tight End?

BC's Head Coach Talks Notre Dame Prep...


Former Notre Dame QB Phil Jurkovec will be starting this Saturday for Boston College.  Jurkovec has been out the last few weeks with a knew injury -- this will be his first game back.

Another former Domer George Takacs -- will also be starting for BC against Notre Dame.

Inside Look at Navy vs. Notre Dame Saturday

Sunday, November 6, 2022

Notre Dame Players Talk Win Over Clemson

Notre Dame Stadium's 4h Quarter Light Show

Notre Dame Football's "STORY" After Nine...

Folks, this is not a story about WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN -- it's a story about WHAT WILL BE.  It does us no good to look back at the last 15 minutes in Columbus or the debacle vs. Marshall or Stanford -- nothing can be done about this...

This is a story about what Marcus Freeman & Company are building here at Notre Dame.  We haven't won a game in this fashion -- against a top ranked program -- in thirty years...

This is the story.

Now, let's also add this to the narrative -- what teams, as of last night, have beaten more teams in the TOP 25 than Notre Dame -- the answer is NO ONE!

Here's the list of the teams ranked in the TOP TEN along with Notre Dame -- with their number of wins over teams ranked in the TOP 25, as of last night:

  1. NOTRE DAME -- 3 wins
  2. CLEMSON -- 3 wins
  3. GEORGIA -- 2 wins
  4. TENNESSEE -- 2 wins
  5. TCU -- 2 wins 
  6. LSU -- 2 wins
  7. OHIO STATE -- 1 win
  8. MICHIGAN -- 1 win 
  9. OREGON -- 1 win
  10. USC -- 1 win
  11. ALABAMA -- 0 wins

* Notre Dame also beat #16 BYU at the time -- they are not currently in the TOP 25.

Marcus Freeman's On Field NBC Interview

ESPN's Matt Barrie Talks Notre Dame's Win!


Fast forward to the 1:27 mark of the video to catch Barrie's take on Notre Dame taking it to Clemson...

The Mornin' After Notre Dame Beats Clemson...

(Photo above from Irish Sport's Daily's Rick Kimball)

Took a lap around the worldwide web this morning to see what is being said about Notre Dame's 35 - 14 win over #4 Clemson last night...  

Here's what the Clemson beat writers were reporting after the game:




NBC Highlights: Notre Dame 35 - Clemson 14

Clemson's "Walk of Champions..."


Well, they probably should have "run."

OT: I'm Happy For Brian Kelly -- Big Win for LSU

Saturday, November 5, 2022

Dabo Swinney Talks Loss to Notre Dame

Clemson's K.J. Henry Talks Notre Dame Loss

Clemson's QB Talks Loss to Notre Dame

Clemson's ""O" Coordnator Talks Loss to ND

Clemson "D" Coordinator On Notre Dame Loss

Marcus Freeman Talks Win Over #4 Clemson!

What A WIN! -- What A Moment for ND!!!

Our Guy Connaughton Receives NBA Honor!

Notre Dame's favorite NBA player just received a wonderful honor -- and a $10,000 check for his foundation...


ESPN Talks Notre Dame vs. Clemson Today

Clemson Insider -- Here at Notre Dame Friday