Thursday, July 30, 2020

Notre Dame Football to Play for ACC Title

Never thought I would type this headline...

Here's the media reaction (links below) to yesterday's announcement that the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame will play ten "conference games" against ACC opponents and one game vs. an opponent with the game to be played in the state of Indiana...

Here's Notre Dame's ACC opponents:

Games played at Notre Dame:
  • Clemson
  • Duke
  • Florida State
  • Louisville
  • Syracuse

Games played on the road:
  • Boston College
  • Georgia Tech
  • North Carolina
  • Pittsburgh
  • Wake Forest


Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Regis Philbin's Final Good-Bye to His TV Run

Love This Tribute to Our Friend Regis Philbin

Katie Brown Talks About Her Friend Regis...

Jimmy Fallon's Tribute to Regis Philbin

CBS Sunday News Tribute to Regis...

Regis' Friend Art Moore Tells a Story...

The View Co-Hosts Talk About Regis

Regis' "Best Friend" Chris Meloni -- Remembers

Kelly Ripa Talks About Regis and Her Kids...

Friends of Regis -- Remember Him Fondly

Kiefer Sullivan Talks About Regis Philbin '53

Monday, July 27, 2020

ND Connection -- The Secret: Dare To Dream

A Notre Dame Dad (two kids are Domers) and a former colleague of mine at the University, Joe Gelchion (Joe was an AVP for Development at Notre Dame for a number of years) -- releases his first move this Friday, July 31st on Premium Video on Demand!

The Secret: Dare To Dream is a family movie of hope and inspiration for all ages -- based on a book that sold over 34 million copies worldwide.  It stars Katie Holmes and Josh Lucas.

You can watch the movie on:  Apple TV,  Amazon Prime Video, VUDU and your cable and satellite providers -- beginning this Friday, July 31st.
Joe's company, tri-G fully financed the production of this video and he's one of the lead producers.  They have partnered with Lionsgate for the distribution of the film.  The film will be shown around the world in 54 languages!

Watch the movie -- and don't forget the Notre Dame connection!


Kathie Lee Talks About Regis on Today...

NBC Today Show Tribute to Regis Philbin '53

Sunday, July 26, 2020

He is Wiki's One Word Answer to @NDLoyal

On the same day that Regis Philbin '53 left for Heaven -- I received a big box from his longtime agent, Kenny DeCamillo...

Kenny had reached out to my boss at Notre Dame (Lou Nanni) a week or so earlier and asked if we could do anything with some of Regis' old TV footage and photographs for Joy and the family.  Lou directed Kenny to me and I obviously replied that we would put together a video tribute to Regis...

Little did I know what would happen a few days later.

I had the honor of a few encounters with Regis over my eight + years here at the University of Notre Dame.  The story I'll never forget was my first time.  Here it goes...

It was in the Fall of 2012 -- a September football weekend at Notre Dame.  We had created an event for the Love Thee Notre Dame initiative and Regis had agreed to be our MC (see video above).

So, that Saturday morning I rode out in a vehicle to be the Regis' welcoming party at the airport.  We pulled the car right up next to the private plane the University had sent to NYC to bring Regis home to Notre Dame.  I got out of the car and as soon as the door opens to the plane and Regis sees me -- he says this, as only he could:


It felt like one of his monologues or famous rants from his Live with Regis and Kelly show on TV.  I responded -- "yes they did!"  And he proceeds down the steps of the plane and into the back seat of the vehicle -- sitting alongside me.  He had his script in hand for the show and we spent the 19 minute drive to campus going over all of the names of the people he would be introducing an interviewing during the show that morning.
  • All the way -- he's "doing Regis" while he struggles with the names -- entertaining both the driver of the vehicle and me...

When we arrived at the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center, we did a quick run through of the show on stage and then I immediately escorted him to his "green room" to await the start of the show.  My plan was to just get Regis situated, and then leave to take my seat inside the Leighton Concert Hall.  I didn't want to miss the surprise opening to the show -- see video below.

Well, as I was getting ready to leave -- Regis says to me "where are you going?"  I explained my plans and he proceeds to tell me -- "I want you to hang with me..."

The next 39 minutes (while we waited for him to take the stage) is a time I will never forget -- here I was alone with the guy who has spent more hours in front of a LIVE TV camera than anyone, in the history of time -- and Regis regales me with story after story about his Notre Dame.  It was pure magic.

A few months later, I was invited to an event in Detroit, it was the 90th birthday party of a very wealthy family friend and guess who was the hired entertainment -- Regis Philbin.  Well, Regis had been tipped off that I was in the audience -- so when he came walking out on stage he made a point of letting everyone in the room know that his "good friend from Notre Dame, Jim Small was in the audience tonight..."

I didn't deserve that.  However, my presence gave him the opportunity to talk about his great love, the University of Notre Dame -- in the middle of Wolverine and Spartan country.  That was Regis Philbin.

When you think about the billions of people who have walked this planet -- there are very few who are widely recognized by just one name.  Regis accomplished that.

What the Notre Dame family will always love -- and will always miss about our REGIS -- is he aligned his name, his brand with Notre Dame.  Just see all of the tributes flowing his way -- they all talk about his love for Notre Dame.

Regis, you were and always will be -- the Wikipedia "one word" answer to ND Loyal.  

May you forever lead the cheers for your Fighting Irish in Heaven's Notre Dame section and Heaven TV's morning show...

Domer Achonwa Given WNBA's Staley Award

Not surprised...


Saturday, July 25, 2020

College Football's All-Time Winning Percentage

Folks, the NCAA took away 21 wins from the University of Notre Dame Football team back in 2018..
  • They took the 12 wins away from our undefeated season in 2012
  • They took away the 9 wins from our 2013 season
  • Story:  VACATED WINS

I will never agree with that decision, nor will I recognize that in the chart listed below.  As we go into the 2020 college football season, here's the All-Time Winning Percentages of the Top Ten College Football programs.  Look who is on top!

  1.  NOTRE DAME:  929-326-42  =  .73246%
  2.  Ohio State:  924-326-53  =  .72947%
  3.  Boise State:  460-170-2  =  .72943%
  4.  Michigan:  962-346-36  =  .72917%
  5.  Alabama:  916-331-43  =  .72674%
  6.  Oklahoma:  908.327-53  =  .72554%
  7.  Texas:  916-375-53  =  .70431%
  8.  USC:  847-351-54  =  .69808%
  9.  Nebraska:  902-395-40  =  .68960%
  10.  Penn State:  898-398-42  =  .68942%

Please note:  I received a request from Robert Pallone (Annapolis, MD) -- who sent me an email this morning -- to post this information.  Robert has been following the Fighting Irish since the 1940's!  Robert, thanks for reaching out to me!

Notre Dame's 2020 NFL Draft Picks' Contracts

These six former Notre Dame football players -- just signed their first NFL contracts over the past few days.  Here's what the "math" looks like:

Pick #43 in the 2020 NFL Draft:  Cole Kmet -- Bears
  • Signing Bonus:  $3,071,112
  • 4-Year Contract:  $7,577,778

Pick #48 in the 2020 NFL Draft: Chase Claypool -- Steelers
  • Signing Bonus:  $2,372,091
  • 4-Year Contract:  $6,616,625

Pick #67 in the 2020 NFL Draft:  Julian Okwara -- Lions
  • Signing Bonus:  $1,143,136
  • 4-Year Contract: $4,926,810

Pick #113 in the 202 NFL Draft:  Troy Pride, Jr. -- Panthers
  • Signing Bonus:  $777,476
  • 4-Year Contract:  $4,072,476

Pick #147 in the 2020 NFL Draft:  Khalid Kareen -- Bengals
  • Signing Bonus:  $354,474
  • 4-Year Contract:  $3,649,474 

Pick #186 in the 2020 NFL Draft:  Alohi Gilman -- Chargers
  • Signing Bonus:  $188,204
  • 4-Year Contract:  $3.483,204

Friday, July 24, 2020

The Success of Notre Dame Basketball...

I believe this graphic will surprise a lot of people...

Here's what I find interesting --- there is not a single team on this list -- that is ranked ahead of Notre Dame Football in all-time wins.  It just goes to show how hard it is to have enduring success in both sports.

  1. Michigan:  962
  2. NOTRE DAME:  929*
  3. Ohio State:  924
  4. Alabama: 916
  5. Texas:  916
  6. Yale:  909
  7. Oklahoma:  908
  8. Nebraska:  902
  9. Penn State:  898
  10.  Harvard:  875 

The football win rankings of the schools ahead of Notre Dame in college basketball:
  • Kentucky -- ranked #82 in football
  • Kansas -- not ranked in the top 109
  • North Carolina -- ranked #40 in football
  • Duke -- not ranked in the top 109
  • Temple -- not ranked in the top 109
  • Syracuse -- ranked #30 in football
  • UCLA -- ranked #99 in football

*Please note:  I refuse to acknowledge the 21 wins that the NCAA took away from Notre Dame...

Brian Kelly with the Golic's -- Thursday...

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Meet Notre Dame's New Provost!

You will enjoy getting to know the 5th Charles & Jill Fischer Provost in the 178 year history of the University of Notre Dame...

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Monday, July 20, 2020

Our Guy Connaughton Tests Positive for Virus

Word broke this afternoon that Domer Pat Connaughton has tested positive for COVID-19.  Pat has let everyone know that he feels absolutely fine and will join his Milwaukee Buck teammates inside the "NBA Bubble" in Orlando once he goes through their protocol -- see link below.


Friday, July 17, 2020

"Michigan Man" Eisen Asks About Rudy...

I missed this interview between Domer Harrison Smith and Rich Eisen.  Eisen is not a fan of our Fighting Irish -- he is a loyal alum of the University of Michigan...

Saturday, July 11, 2020

My Granddaughter -- Clare Margaret Walsh!

Clare entered the world this past Wednesday (July 9th) at 5:08 AM ET -- and her Grandpa had to make sure she had a Notre Dame outfit waiting for her when she got home from the hospital!!!

FYI -- she has many Notre Dame outfits...

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Heaven Got A Good One Yesterday Afternoon

Beth Holtz, wife of legendary Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz -- left for Heaven yesterday afternoon, after a long battle with cancer...