Sunday, September 30, 2018

Only 14 Undefeated College Football Teams

A Look at the AP Top Ten's "Signature Wins"

Here's a look at the current AP Top Ten Teams -- and their top two "signature wins" so far this season:
  1. Alabama -- beat Texas A&M and Louisville
  2. Georgia -- beat South Carolina and Missouri
  3. Ohio State -- beat TCU and #11 Penn State
  4. Clemson -- beat Texas A&M and Syracuse
  5. LSU -- beat #8 Auburn and #17 Miami
  6. NOTRE DAME -- beat #14 Stanford and #15 Michigan
  7. Oklahoma -- beat Iowa State and Baylor
  8. Auburn -- beat #10 Washington and Arkansas
  9. West Virginia -- beat Texas Tech and Kansas State
  10. Washington -- beat Utah and Arizona State

Ian Book vs. the "Heisman Favorite QB's"

Thought I'd take a look at the last two weeks to see how Ian Book's performance -- stacks up against the QB's being talked about as the Heisman favorites...

Ian Book:
  • Passing:  49 for 67 = 73%
  • Passing Yards:  603 yds.
  • Interceptions: 0
  • Rushing Yards:  90 yds.
  • TD's Passing:  6 TD's
  • TD's Rushing:  3 TD's
  • Opponents:  Wake Forest and #7 Stanford

Tua Tagovoiloa:
  • Passing:  30 for 38 = 79%
  • Passing Yards:  515 yds.
  • Interceptions:  0
  • Rushing Yards:  22 yds.
  • TD's Passing:  6 TD's
  • TD's Rushing:  1 TD
  • Opponents:  #22 Texas A&M and Louisiana

Dwayne Haskins:
  • Passing:  43 for 63 = 68%
  • Passing Yards:  574 yds.
  • Interceptions:  1
  • Rushing Yards:  13 yds. 
  • TD's Passing:  8 TD's
  • TD's Rushing:  0 TD's 
  • Opponents: Tulane and #9 Penn State

Kyler Murray:
  • Passing: 28 for 36 = 78%
  • Passing Yards:   597 yds
  • Interceptions:  1
  • Rushing Yards:  116 yds.
  • TD's Passing:  9 TD's
  • TD's Rushing:  2 TD's
  • Opponents:  Army and Baylor

Will Grier:
  • Passing:  52 for 76 = 68%
  • Passing Yards:  726 yds.
  • Interceptions:  2
  • Rushing Yards:  -15 yds.
  • TD's Passing:  8 TD's
  • TD's Rushing:  0 TD's
  • Opponents:  Kansas State and #25 Texas Tech 

When does Book get some Heisman love?

Notre Dame Only Moves Up One Spot in Poll

Looks like the coaches are aligning along conference lines...

Just need to keep winning and the rankings will take care of themselves.


Must Read "A Mom and Her Notre Dame Son"

This is a must read...

The photo above (South Bend Tribune) was taken of Dexter Williams and his Mom, getting ready to hug, prior to walking into Notre Dame Stadium yesterday.


He Just Started His Next "Notre Dame Streak"

I learned this morning that my friend Stanley Weber (Tiffin, OH), left for Heaven yesterday at the age of 94.

His devoted nephew, Joe Fretz -- you'll see Joe in the video above -- sent a text to let me know.

This Notre Dame "surperfan" attended his first game inside Notre Dame Stadium on November 22, 1941 -- and for the next 76 years -- Stanley was a fixture at his seat in the front row, on the "east side" of the famed Tunnel entrance.

Well, Stanley Weber just started a new streak yesterday, watching his first game from Heaven's Notre Dame Section.

Stanley -- thanks for loving Notre Dame and Her football team.

Here's some of my posts the last few years about Stanley Weber:


Drinking From the "Cup of Victory!"

David Shaw Talks Notre Dame 38 - Stanford 17

Missed This -- David Shaw With Colin Cowherd

This interview took place on Thursday this week...   Here's a "tweet" during the game tonight by Colin Cowherd:

ABC Announces ND vs. Va Tech at 8 PM ET

Not surprised -- an undefeated Notre Dame football team visiting Blacksburg, VA will be a big TV draw...

Going to be quite a game next week!  I'm going down to the game with my three boys and my Dad -- should be quite the trip!

Quick Look at the National Media Reaction...

Just took a lap around the worldwide web to see what's being said about Notre Dame's dominant performance tonight vs. Stanford...




This Was Stanford's "Motivational Video"

This is the motivational video they created for the game tonight vs. our #8 ranked Fighting Irish.

It will be interesting to see what they use next week!

Highlights: Notre Dame 38 - Stanford 17