Thursday, August 10, 2017

DeShone Kizer's First NFL Exhibition TD Pass

His first NFL game winner -- 4th and 2 with 1:57 left in the game.   Browns beat the Saints 20 to 14!

Does Cleveland finally have a QB!

DeShone dominated the passing stats for the Browns tonight:
  • Kizer:  11 for 18 = 184 yards and a TD pass!
  • Kessler:  5 for 10 = 47 yards
  • Osweiller:  6 for 14 = 42 yards 
In addition -- Kizer led the Browns' QB's with 12 yards rushing.

This Really Happened on Jeopardy...

The Fighting Irish's First Visit to Locker Room

And, a "walk-on" team captain gets a scholarship for his senior year at the University of Notre Dame...

Notre Dame's New Football Locker Room!


Notre Dame Hockey's Incoming Freshmen

Photos of Notre Dame's New Recruiting Lounge

These are photos of the newly renovated Schivarelli Lounge inside Notre Dame Stadium.  A space for Notre Dame Football to entertain recruits and former players...  BEAUTIFUL!