Friday, December 18, 2020

Brian Kelly Speaks Out Against "No Parents"

Ian Book: Pop Warner Award Winner!

 The Notre Dame QB just received his first national award!

Mom is Ready For Notre Dame vs. Clemson!

My dad just forwarded me this photo of my mom's grave site at St. Michael's Parish in Mecosta County, Michigan...

What you can't see is Mom's grave stone, the snow and ice was too difficult for my dad to clear off.  

What you do see is the ever present can of Coca-Cola (my mom's favorite drink), a Notre Dame hat (her favorite college) and a Christmas wreath.   My dad dropped off the hat and wreath this morning...

So, Mom's ready for the game.  


Dabo Talks Notre Dame Rematch...

This is a MUST READ for Notre Dame Fans...

We're going to continue to see many in the media pushing the narrative about Notre Dame football joining the ACC permanently.

Their motive -- to make Notre Dame like all the others.

Well, Yahoo! Sports Dan Wetzel -- took a stand today for Notre Dame's independence.  BRAVO!


Kirk Herbstreit Interviews Ian Book...