Friday, March 7, 2014

Muffet's Irish Win by 26 Over Florida State!

Notre Dame won their first ever Atlantic Coast Conference Tournament game tonight 83 - 57 over the Seminoles.  Not a bad start for the Fighting Irish!  North Carolina State is up next tomorrow at 5 PM ET on ESPNU.

Here are the game highlights!


Notre Dame Chemists Discover New Antibiotic!

19,000 people die each year in the United States from a bacteria called MRSA.  Yesterday, two Notre Dame chemists Mayla Chang and Shariar Mobashery (photo above) announced they have discovered a new class of antibiotics that can fight this bacteria.

Their discovery could save thousands of lives!


Notre Dame Men's Hoop Team Gear for ACC

Adidas, outfitting Notre Dame men's basketball for the last time -- as Under Armour takes over July 1st -- has provided Brey's Fighting Irish with this look for the Atlantic Coast Conference Tournament.

I like everything but the zebra shoes -- and I hope they gave them a "white and gold" version of the shoes in the upper right of the photo, like they did Muffet's team...

Will Justin Tuck Leave the New York Giants?

Former Notre Dame All-American, Super Bowl Champion and captain of the New York Football Giants -- Justin Tuck, is being encouraged to explore free agency...

Here's the story: