Saturday, April 29, 2017

Notre Dame Players Signing With NFL Teams

Here's the list (below) of Notre Dame football players signing free agent deals with NFL teams -- click on their names to read the stories.

You may recall Romeo Okwara signed as a "free agent" (this time last year) with the New York Giants.  Okwara went on to earn significant playing time in his rookie season...

I will bet -- the same happens with James Onwualu with the Chargers.  I know for a fact that SEVENTEEN NFL TEAMS called James today -- trying to get him to sign an NFL free agent deal with them.  They all know he will out work every player in their training camp...

The journey begins next week.

2017 NFL Draft Rookie Pay Scale Chart

Here's what the NFL teams can pay their 2017 draft picks.  See every player drafted and the value of their first NFL contract at the link below.

NOTRE DAME PLAYERS DRAFTED -- 2017 DRAFT CLASS -- only money guaranteed is the signing bonus:

DeShone Kizer -- pick #52
  • Signing bonus: $1,748,230
  • Total 4-year contract value:  $4,961,316
  • First year salary:  $902,507

Isaac Rochell -- pick #225
  • Signing bonus:  $88,099
  • Total 4-year contract value:  $2,443,009
  • First year salary:  $487,002


Isaac Rochell Picked by Chargers at #225

Isaac Rochell was drafted in the 7th round by the Los Angeles CHARGERS...


Browns "Welcome Home" DeShone Kizer!

Kizer Drafted #52 Overall to Cleveland Browns