Monday, December 25, 2017

Heaven's Home Now for this Notre Dame Fan

My Uncle R.J. Doyle left for heaven yesterday morning with my Aunt Barb at his side...

Didn't see this coming -- he was my favorite.

Don't think anyone was more excited about me getting a job at Notre Dame than my Uncle R.J. -- I rarely went a two week period over the past six years without having an online conversation with him about all things Notre Dame.

He loved; my Aunt Barb, his four boys and their wives, his eight grand kids, his family, Blue Lake, Lake Mecosta, Dead Stream, deer hunting and his deer camp, fishing, the Platte River, his Irish heritage and Notre Dame.

I know he'll be sitting in the front row at Heaven's Notre Dame game watch for next Monday's Citrus Bowl -- he'll be there with his Mom & Dad (Grandma & Grandpa Doyle), his sister Joan (my Mom) and his daughter-in-law Susan.  Susan will be the one wearing the "Michigan" t-shirt (we all can't be perfect.)

Really going to miss him -- he was a good man.

Heaven is home now. 


A Very Merry Christmas from Notre Dame!