Friday, March 4, 2022

Notre Dame Baseball Plays Indoors This Week

The #3 ranked Fighting Irish of Notre Dame are taking their game "indoors" these next few days to play Illinois, Michigan State and Minnesota.  All the games will be at the home of the Minnesota Vikings (U.S. Bank Stadium) in downtown Minneapolis.  

Here's Notre Dame's schedule for the Cambria College Classic.  If you'd like to watch the games, you'll need to purchase the BIG TEN NETWORK'S PLUS package. 

  • Friday:  4 PM ET vs. ILLINOIS
  • Saturday:  12 PM ET vs. MICHIGAN STATE
  • Sunday:  7 PM ET vs. MINNESOTA


Here are the dimensions of the baseball field inside U.S. Bank Stadium:

  • Left Field Foul Line:  328' with an 8' high wall
  • Left Center:  375' with an 8' high wall
  • Center Field:  400' with an 8' high wall
  • Right Center:  350' with a 34' high wall
  • Right Field Foul Line:  308' with a 34' high wall