Saturday, November 18, 2017

A Walk-On Who's Made A Name for Himself...

Coach Kelly Talks 24 - 17 Win Over Navy Today

I Remember When Navy Was An Easy Win...

Not no more...

This Is Must See -- Have the Tissue Ready...

Today, I have the honor of taking a 15 year-old young man, named Riley Peterson, to his first Notre Dame football game.  He has a younger brother named Loren, who is medically fragile.   I met Riley, his mom Kendra, and Loren a couple of months back -- while filming a story about A Rosie Place. 

Loren, confined to a wheelchair, needs care 24 hours a day -- seven days a week -- often requiring Riley to feed, bathe and change his 12-year-old brother's diaper, multiple times each day.

Riley's a great kid -- giving up much in his young life, to always be there to take care of his brother.

No rain or wind will spoil this moment for Riley -- and frankly, for me.  The gift of Notre Dame is a privilege to share.

An 18 Year-Run Comes to an End, THANK YOU!

Mike Golic -- thanks for carrying the flag -- EVERY DAY -- for Notre Dame.  We'll miss you with Greeny -- but, the good news is you'll be back reppin' the IRISH in a week!


Notre Dame Honors Knute Rockne Today

Notre Dame: "Fighting For Our Country"

Notre Dame Beats #2 Seed Texas A&M in NCAA

The 14th ranked Fighting Irish go on the road to win their first round NCAA game against 6th ranked Texas A&M on penalty kicks!!!  On to the Sweet Sixteen!

"In the Huddle You Learn to Love Each Other"

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