Tuesday, September 25, 2018

An 11 Year-Old's Letters to Coach Frank Leahy

My Uncle RJ Doyle -- who left for Heaven on Christmas Eve -- wrote these two letters (back in 1947 -- when he was 11 years-old) to Notre Dame's Head Football Coach, Frank Leahy.

The Fighting Irish were 9 - 0 that year and won the National Championship.

My cousin Mike -- "Uncle RJ's third of four boys" sent me these two letters. When I read them -- I knew they must be shared with the Notre Dame family.  I know Aunt Barb, Kevin, Pat, Mike and Denny -- miss him, big time.  So do I.

Oh, how Uncle RJ loved Notre Dame.

As you can see in his "practice" letter to Coach Leahy (top letter below) -- Uncle RJ wanted the Irish to play Michigan.  Well, he got his wish (again) this season!

I'm quite confident that Uncle RJ is enjoying the 4-0 start from Heaven's Notre Dame Section -- with Grandpa Ray, Grandma Barb, Joan (his sister, my Mom), his daughter-in-law Susan and the rest of our family.  I smile this evening (with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat) knowing they will all be sitting together again Saturday night -- rooting as hard as ever for the Fighting Irish.

It's what we do. 

The gift of Notre Dame -- has been a gift passed from generation to generation to generation in the Doyle Clan.  These two letters (from 71 years-ago) are another gift to our family...

Go Irish! -- Go Family! -- Beat Stanford!

Just "double click" on the letters above to enlarge.

I Am Told -- This Is Must See On Wednesday!

A look back at the 2018 National Championship -- those who have seen a sneak preview, tell me -- "YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!"

You can watch it at this link below -- beginning at 8:00 PM ET Wednesday night (September 26th).