Saturday, June 18, 2016

How Many Notre Dame Stars Can You Name?

Here's my guess...

L to R:  Tony Rice, Ricky Watters, Chris Zorich, Lou Holtz, Rocket Ismail, ? , Joe Montana, ?

Send me an email with the names of the two I'm not recognizing at:

In the "reddish pink" shirt is none other than Michael Stonebreaker -- still waiting on confirmation of the man's name next to Rocket...  THANKS TO A NUMBER OF ND GO IRISH BLOG regulars for emailing me about Stonebreaker.

I've been given "Nick Eddy" as the guy next to Rocket -- I don't think that is Nick...

Comparing Five Preseason College FB Polls

This is an interesting way to look at a number of the preseason rankings of the top college football teams in the country: