Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Georgia Comes to Notre Dame Stadium in 2017

A "home and home" football series was announced today between the University of Georgia and the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame.  The first game will be held at Notre Dame Stadium in 2017 -- marking only the second time in history that these two schools will meet in football -- they will meet again in Athens in 2019.

A more interesting stat is this -- the 2017 game at Notre Dame will be the first time in 52 years that Georgia plays a football game "north" of the MASON DIXON LINE...

Here's the latest photo of the new field turf installation going on right now inside Notre Dame Stadium.

Notre Dame / Under Armour: Midnight Madness

It's just a guess -- but I have to believe this is a first for a college campus -- a midnight apparel sale...

But, when you match Notre Dame with Under Armour -- it's only fitting that fans line up for a sale at the strike of midnight -- Tuesday, July 1st.

Only Notre Dame...