Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Domer Dave Moisan's Final Voice Appearance

Former Notre Dame swimmer Dave Moisan '05 was eliminated last night in the Knock-Out Round of NBC's hit show The Voice. 

Congratulations Dave for making it that far!!!

Onward Notre Dame: 1966 National Champs!

Bartman Throwing Out World Series First Pitch?

I love this idea...

Notre Dame alum Steve Bartman '99 -- AKA, the guy who Cubs fans have blamed for years for interfering with a foul ball in game seven of the 2003 NLCS (photo above) -- was offered up by the Indians' Jason Kipnis (a long-time Cubs fan) as the perfect guy to throw out the first pitch in this year's World Series.

Most believe Bartman would never agree to do this.  

So, I'd like to start this campaign -- if the Cubs win the World Series -- Steve Bartman should be in the parade's lead float down Chicago's "Miracle Mile" holding the World Series trophy.  

Wouldn't that be a fitting tribute!!!