Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Custom Golf Car Build -- Latest Update

View of the rear seat frame and gold (powder coated) grab bar installation
View of the custom dash installation (before gold accents)

View of battery and speakers (before painting)

View of steering wheel before blue half-wrap and ND Monogram

The folks at Excessive Golf Carts (Prosper, TX) are continuing to build out a Notre Dame themed custom golf car for me.  Here is their Instagram page, where you can see a number of their finished builds:  EXCESSIVE

They're telling me we're about 3 weeks away -- so, I should have it here before the first football game! 

In case you missed it, here was the first update on golf car build:  UPDATE #1

ESPN Feature: Olympians' Skylar and Jewell

Thought you'd enjoy reading this ESPN feature on two former Fighting Irish All-Americans!


OT: USA Olympics Gear = "Dots and Stripes"

I absolutely loved the concept of the golf shirt that the American team wore during Sunday's final round -- not the execution. (click on above image to enlarge)

You have to ask why did Adidas and their Tokyo based designer Hiroko Takahashi place "dots" instead of STARS on this shirt?

Huge miss!