Sunday, April 28, 2019

#NDday--What You Won't Want to Miss Tonight

The 29 hours that is NOTRE DAME DAY -- begins today at 6:42 PM ET.  As someone who knows a "little bit about what will be on the show" -- here's some tips on what you won't want to miss during the first six hours tonight:

6:42 PM ET HOUR:
  • The Cast of Stupid Humans -- insane talent (all Notre Dame students)
  • Notre Dame Glee Club -- only the best at what they do!
  • A student story that you'll never forget
  • Three Notre Dame legends
  • Clark Lea -- Notre Dame's defensive coordinator
  • John Mooney -- the "double-double" machine

8:00 PM ET HOUR:
  • Ian Book -- the Notre Dame QB
  • Chloe Agnew -- singer / songwriter formerly with Celtic Woman
  • Gold & Blue Company -- Notre Dame's new performance group
  • The Notre Dame Leprechauns -- meet all three!
  • Fighting Irish Forty Prelims -- Women
  • The Undertones -- always entertaining
  • Patrick Creadon and Jerry Barca -- Hesburgh the documentary

9:00 PM ET HOUR:
  • Fighting Irish Forty Prelims -- Men
  • Chloe Agnew -- performs many songs this hour
  • The Notre Dame Offensive Line
  • Bill Rosemann -- "Mr. Marvel"

10:00 PM ET HOUR:
  • Josh Adams -- Philadelphia Eagles
  • The Cast of Pirates of Penzance -- performance
  • Martha MacCallum -- Fox News anchor
  • Anders Bjork -- Boston Bruins
  • Notre Dame Chorale -- performance 

11:00 PM ET HOUR:
  • Terrell Buckley -- College Football Hall of Famer
  • Lip Sync Battle -- five teams competing
  • Zahm House -- renovation

  • Five great Notre Dame student stories
  • Debbie Tucker -- Hollywood actress 
  • Todd Rundgren -- Rock-n-Roll Hall of Famer 

Here is a link to the "minute by minute" TV GUIDE for every interview and performance during the entire 29 hours of Notre Dame Day!


NOTRE DAME DAY Starts at 6:42 PM ET !!!

Here is the broadcast schedule for all 29 hours for Notre Dame Day -- you can click on the link below to WATCH IT LIVE!

The fun begins at 6:42 PM ET --- TODAY!