Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Notre Dame Licensee Tag on Michigan Gear

You can't make this up -- either Adidas is trying to save money by recycling Notre Dame stuff -- or, merchandise isn't selling well in Ann Arbor and they needed a little help...

Someone is going to hear about this.

Shamrock Series Helmet Design -- TEASE!

Ryan Grooms and the Notre Dame Football Equipment staff know how to "tease" their audience.

Grooms "tweeted" this photo today -- obviously, the 2014 SHAMROCK SERIES HELMET has been designed and it's in this box.

You can follow Ryan on Twitter @NDFBEquipment

Notre Dame Football -- The Official Football

The Notre Dame Football Equipment staff is busy this week getting all of the Under Armour gear set-up for the upcoming season.  One of the shipments that arrived is the official Wilson Notre Dame footballs...

Got To Love These Notre Dame Football Shoes!

The Under Armour "effect" has come to Notre Dame...

Be The First To Own Notre Dame Under Armour

Here's where you can buy the Notre Dame / Under Armour stuff...



Fun Begins for Notre Dame's Equipment Staff

The boxes came rolling into campus yesterday -- as the historic Notre Dame / Under Armour deal commenced this morning.  Here's a photo of just a "few" of the boxes of new shoes, apparel and gear that the Notre Dame Football team will be wearing this summer and fall.

Notre Dame & Under Armour -- DAY #1 !!!

The most lucrative shoe and apparel deal in college sports history kicked off last night at midnight despite TORNADO WARNINGS in the area of Notre Dame's campus -- crazy!

Here's a photo of the Notre Dame fans who wanted to be the FIRST to wear the new gear from Under Armour.

Storm Rips Through Notre Dame Last Night

Here is a photo of a downed tree this morning on Notre Dame Avenue that temporarily closed the entrance to campus. The on-campus nine-hole golf course took a major beating from the storm as did Cedar Grove Cemetery. 

The Michiana area took a big hit last night as winds upwards of 80 mph ripped through the area.  Here's a couple of links to photos of the storm damage in the South Bend area: