Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Photos: Inside New Indoor Practice Facility

 View to the south end of facility.
 View to the north end of facility.
 View of video board and doors to practice fields.
View of the hard rubber surface that is laid down over the rock base.
Just "click" on this image to enlarge the pano view of facility.

Toured the new Notre Dame Football indoor practice facility this afternoon.  As you can see they're putting down the "hard rubber" layer over the gravel -- as they get ready to bring in the Field Turf next week.

The inside height of the facility is 85' -- driving by the facility I thought it would be easy to punt a ball and hit the ceiling.  Standing on the floor -- highly unlikely this will ever happen. I believe the indoor ceiling height is the highest in college football.

The Notre Dame Men's & Women's Soccer programs will also be using this facility.

The hope is we'll be ready to use this come August 1st.  The building is not air conditioned -- instead they have a system that recirculates the air.  I can tell you it was at least five degrees cooler inside than it was outside today and the "air machine" was not on.