Friday, April 18, 2014

Dantley Talks ESPN's "Bad Boys" 30 for 30

Former Notre Dame All-American Adrian Dantley was a reluctant interview in the just released ESPN "30 for 30" film on the Detroit Pistons. 

As you'll see in this Detroit News story -- Dantley doesn't hold back on his feelings for Isiah Thomas in a recent radio interview he gave to Detroit Sports Radio 105.1 FM -- second link below...



Look Who Was Filming at Notre Dame...

Film and television star Ken Jeong was on the Notre Dame campus April 10th filming an ESPN 30 for 30 Short on former Fighting Irish kicker Reggie Ho...

I can't wait to see this!

Last night, Jeong was a guest on the Keith Olbermann Show and he talked about the upcoming film:


Notre Dame Ranked #1 in Protection of Athletes

The Association for the Protection of College Athletes just released their rankings of each FBS school based on a comparison of athletic success, academic progress and the treatment of athletes.

The APCA Ranking Report provides the most comprehensive, commercially independent comparison of collegiate athletic programs. It emphasizes factors that collegiate student athletes have identified as the most important: a strong academic program, a successful team record, diverse academic opportunities, university commitment to the athletic program, the ability to play in front of a crowd and during the postseason, and a sufficient athletic scholarship (when a scholarship is applicable).

The formula rewards programs that do not discriminate against student athletes. A program will receive a higher score if it allows student athletes to take any academic major of their choosing, operates in accordance with NCAA policy, and does not impose additional restrictions on student athletes who may want to transfer to another college or university.

The APCA Ranking Report is created using readily available data that has been provided by schools and collected by independent sources, including the NCAA and the federal government. 

Look who's ranked #1!
  1. University of Notre Dame
  2. Northwestern
  3. Syracuse
  4. Northern Illinois
  5. Air Force Academy
  6. Utah State
  7. Clemson
  8. Kansas State
  9. Wisconsin
  10. Texas A&M

Domer Vic Lombardi Reppin' ND in Denver

For sports fans in Denver -- Vic Lombardi '91, can be found in the mornings on Sports Radio The Fan 104.3 FM and on CBS Channel 4 in the afternoons and evenings...

Lombardi, who graduated from Notre Dame in 1991 never misses the opportunity to talk about the Fighting Irish on his morning radio show.  If you'd like to listen in over the web -- just click on the link below!

My brother Jay, who lives in Denver, is listening to Vic all of the time...


Must See: Detroit News Story on Torii Hunter Jr.

Torii Hunter Sr., is the starting right fielder for the Detroit Tigers -- his son Torii Jr., is a freshman football player -- looking to earn a starting wide receiver postion at the University of Notre Dame.  The South Bend Tribune's Eric Hansen penned this story that the Detroit News picked up...