Tuesday, August 11, 2015

ESPN Interview: ND WR Chris Brown

Know Thy Opponent: Texas' Open Practice

Highlights: Day Five For the Irish at Culver

It's moving day -- as the Fighting Irish break camp at Culver and make the trek back to Notre Dame...

ESPN Interviews Coach Brian Kelly

The Corbett Family Head Football Coach at Notre Dame met with ESPN's Rece Davis...

ESPN Interviews Jaylon Smith & Joe Schmidt

ESPN's College Football LIVE crew is with Notre Dame Football today -- visiting the Culver Academy training location.

Showtime Network: A Season With Notre Dame

This will be fun...

Showtime announced today that they will be airing
"A Season With Notre Dame Football" -- as they chronicle the 2015 football season for the Fighting Irish.

The weekly show will debut September 8th on Showtime.


Interview: Notre Dame's Todd Lyght

He's a great addition to the Notre Dame football staff.

Photo: ESPN College Football Live at Culver

They will be filing reports all morning from Notre Dame Football's practice today at Culver Academy.  That's ESPN's Rece Davis interviewing Jaylon Smith and Joe Schmidt.

Portland GM: "Baseball Is Not Happening"

Looks like it's an NBA life for Pat Connaughton -- at least for now...