Sunday, December 4, 2016

Muffet's Irish Win Big on NIELE'S Day!

Domer Golden Tate Goes Over 5,000 Yard Mark!

Best News This Year for Notre Dame Football!

Ohio State getting into the College Football Playoff -- here's why:
  1. They didn't win their Conference Championship
  2. They didn't play 13 games
  3. Notre Dame Football just needs to be great in 12 games -- TO GET IN!

So, Irish fans -- there's reason to smile this day.  We can play the "Ohio State card" when the media and opposition complain when Notre Dame gets into the College Football Playoff -- NEXT SEASON!

OT: Christmas Decorating, The Biltmore Estate

ND Fans, Think Good Thoughts for My Bulldogs

This is what victory looks like! 

The Ferris State Bulldogs beat #2 ranked Grand Valley State University (at GVSU) yesterday in the FREEZING COLD (I was there!) to move on to the NCAA Division II Semifinals next Saturday against #1 ranked Northwest Missouri State University.



When a Notre Dame & USC QB Get Together...