Friday, February 5, 2016

#2 North Carolina Comes to Town Tomorrow!

Game is sold-out -- watch it on ESPN beginning at 7 PM ET.


"Star Ratings" of SB 50 Starters vs. ND Starters

This should show you how important player development is -- or, how bogus some of the star ratings are for a number of high school recruits.

Here's an analysis of the STAR rankings of the starting offense and defensive units for the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos from their days back in high school.  It's an eye-opener:

DENVER BRONCOS Offense -- Avg Star Rating: 2.6 Stars
  • Five Stars:  (0)
  • Four Stars:  (2) Harris (ND), Schofield (MICH)
  • Three Stars:  (3) Thomas (GT), Vasquez (TEX TECH), Hillman (SD ST)
  • Two Stars:  (3) Paradis (BOISE), Green (NEV), Sanders (SMU)
  • One Star:  (0)
  • Zero Stars:  (0)
  • No HS Star Ratings:  (3) Manning (TENN), Daniels (WISC), Mathis (BAMA) 
Please note:  if we were to give Manning 5 stars coming out of HS, Daniels 3 stars and Mathis 4 stars -- Denver's Offensive Star Rating would be 3.3 stars.

DENVER BRONCOS Defense -- Avg Star Rating: 2.3 Stars
  • Five Stars:  (0)
  • Four Stars: (1) Williams (NC)
  • Three Stars:  (3) Jackson (TENN), Miller (TEX AM), Stewart (S CAR)
  • Two Stars:  (5) Marshall (NEV), Trevathan (KEN), Talib (KAN), Harris (KAN), Wolfe (CIN)
  • One Star:  (0)
  • Zero Stars:  (1) Ward (ORE)
  • No HS Star Ratings: (1) Ware (TROY)

Please note:  If we were to give Ware 3 stars coming out of HS -- Denver's Defensive Star Rating would be 2.5 stars.

CAROLINA PANTHERS Offense -- Avg. Star Rating:  3.5 Stars
  • Five Stars:  (4) Stewart (ORE), Ginn (OSU), Oher (MISS), Olsen (MIA)
  • Four Stars:  (3) Newton (AUB), Brown (OSU), Norwell (OSU)
  • Three Stars:  (2) Kalil (USC), Turner (LSU)
  • Two Stars:  (0)
  • One Star:  (1) Tolbert (COAST CAR)
  • Zero Stars:  (1) Remmers (ORE ST)
  • No HS Star Ratings:  (0)

CAROLINA PANTHERS Defense -- Avg. Star Rating:  3.3 Stars
  • Five Stars:  (2) Johnson (GEO), Thompson (WASH)
  • Four Stars:  (1) Coleman (OSU)
  • Three Stars: (3) Lotulelei (UTAH), Short (PUR), Kuechley (BC)
  • Two Stars:  (1) McClain (UCONN)
  • One Star:  (1) Norman (COAST CAR)
  • Zero Stars: (0) starters
  • No HS Star Ratings:  (3) Allen (IDAHO ST), Davis (GEO), Harper (BAMA)  

Please note:  If we were to give Allen 2 stars coming out of high school, Davis 4 stars and Harper 4 stars -- Carolina's Defensive Star Rating would still be 3.3 stars

Now, let's compare Notre Dame's starting line up this past season for GAME #1 vs. Texas and how the Fighting Irish players were rated coming out of HS -- using RIVALS Star Ranking System:

NOTRE DAME OFFENSE -- Avg. Star Rating:  3.8 Stars
  • Five Stars:  (1) Nelson
  • Four Stars:  (7) Stanley, McGlinchey, Elmer, Zaire, Fuller, Folston, Carlisle
  • Three Stars:  (3) N. Martin, Brown, Smythe
  • Two Stars:  (0)
  • One Star:  (0)
  • Zero Stars:  (0)

NOTRE DAME DEFENSE -- Avg. Star Rating:  3.6 Stars
  • Five Stars:  (2) Smith, Redfield
  • Four Stars:  (6) Day, Rochelle, Onwualu, Russell, Shumate, Luke
  • Three Stars:  (2) Okwara, Cage
  • Two Stars:  (0)
  • One Star:  (0)
  • Zero Stars:  (1) Schmidt


Notre Dame's New Women's LAX Uniform

Not a bad look from our friends at Under Armour!

Photo: ESPN's College GameDay at Notre Dame

The big red motorhome has rolled onto campus -- parking next to Corbett Family Hall at Notre Dame Stadium.

ESPN will be broadcasting LIVE from Notre Dame all morning tomorrow -- as they lead into Saturday night's big game between our Fighting Irish and the #2 ranked North Carolina Tar Heels.