Thursday, January 2, 2014

Revisiting; Notre Dame 17 -- Michigan State 13

Over the next few months if you run into any Michigan State fan or any college football fan who doesn't love our Fighting Irish -- you're sure to hear the following:

"Michigan State should not have lost to Notre Dame -- there were a number of bad calls made by the referees that led to ND's victory.  Michigan State got "HOMERED" by Notre Dame."

Well, it's time to COUNTER this misinformation with some FACTS from the game:
  1. The referees who worked this game were from the Big Ten Conference.  Last I checked, Michigan State was still a member of the Big Ten Conference.  The Spartans brought their own officials with them to Notre Dame Stadium that day.
  2. Michigan State's offense generated 254 yards of total offense in the game and scored only 13 points -- their lowest offensive output for the season and their lowest scoring game of the season. 
  3. Both teams were called for a number of penalties; Michigan State had 10 penalties in the game for 115 yards -- Notre Dame had 8 penalties for 86 yards.   Please note:  MSU also had 10 penalties called on them by Big Ten officials (just a couple of weeks later) at a home game against Indiana.  They won that game 42 - 28.  Notre Dame's 86 penalty yards were the most against the IRISH all season!