Monday, January 12, 2015

Holtz & Kelly -- Jimmy Kimmel's "Mean Tweets"

Notre Dame's Lou Holtz and Brian Kelly were featured in Jimmy Kimmel's "Mean Tweets"  -- during tonight's pre-game show on ESPN from the National Championship.

Here it is:


OT: Almost a Disaster Due to the Fog Machine

Can you imagine if Ohio State lost a starter for tonight's game -- running onto the field for the College Football National Championship game....

Hopefully the cheerleader is okay.

Notre Dame Football's "Welcome Home" Tweet

Here's the first four member of Notre Dame's incoming football recruiting class;  Jerry Tillery (Louisisana), Tevon Coney (Florida), Tristen Hoge (Idaho) and Micah Dew-Tredway (Illinois) -- they start classes tomorrow morning...

The artwork above was "tweeted" by Notre Dame Football.

Notre Dame's Links to Tonight's Championship

The teams from Eugune and Columbus will be carrying a little "Luck of the Irish" tonight on their rosters, sidelines and in the AT&T Stadium seats tonight...

Kick off is scheduled for around 8:30 PM ET on ESPN.

GO DUCKS!  Sorry, the only time I root for the school in Ohio is when they play the school in Ann Arbor...