Saturday, October 17, 2020

Notre Dame Players Talk Win Over Louisville

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Louisville Players Talk Loss to Notre Dame

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Lowest Point Total In Home Win Since 1978

Back in 1978, Notre Dame beat Purdue 10 - 6 in a home game...  Today was a WEIRD game in many ways -- it resembled games we've played against the Naval Academy over the years, in regards to offensive possessions.


Just The Facts:

  • Notre Dame only had 7 offensive possessions in the game -- Clemson had 8 offensive possessions in the first half alone versus Georgia Tech today
  • Louisville only ran 45 plays on offense --21 in the first half / 24 in the second half!
    • Louisville came into the game averaging 75.8 plays (per game) on offense
  • Louisville's offense came into the game with 9 fumbles and 5 interceptions -- a turnover machine.  There were ZERO turnovers in today's game
  • Louisville's defense had been giving up 34.25 points per game
  • Louisville came into the game with just 3 sacks -- they sacked Book 4 times today...
  • Both starting QB's threw 19 passes
    • Louisville connected on 16 for 134 yards and a TD
    • Notre Dame connected on 11 for 107 yards and no TD's
  • Notre Dame held Louisville to 7 points
    • Louisville scored 35 vs. Western Kentucky
    • Louisville scored 34 vs. Miami
    • Louisville scored 20 vs. Pittsburgh
    • Louisville scored 27 vs. Georgia Tech
  • Notre Dame held Louisville to only 233 yards of offense
    • Louisville gained 487 vs. Western Kentucky
    • Louisville gained 516 vs. Miami 
    • Louisville gained 223 vs. Pittsburgh
    • Louisville gained 471 vs. Georgia Tech
  • Notre Dame gained 339 yards of offense today
    • Louisville held Western Kentucky to 248 yards of offense
    • Louisville held Miami to 485 yards of offense
    • Louisville held Pittsburgh to 376 yards of offense
    • Louisville held Georgia Tech to 450 yards of offense 


Here's what is concerning:

  • Notre Dame's inability to consistently move the ball and score points through the air:
    • Book has only 3 TD passes in our first four games 
      • 57 QB's have more TD passes than Ian this season -- only 76 teams are currently playing FBS
    • Book's completing just 61.7% of his passes
      • Ian completed 68.2% of his passes during the 2018 season 
      • Ian completed 60.2% of his passes during the 2019 season


Here's what is not concerning:

  • 10 straight wins -- longest in college football!
  • 22 straight wins at home
  • Ian Book is 24 - 3 as a starting QB! 



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