Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Domer Joe Montana On ESPN's Mike & MIKE

Former Notre Dame QB and four-time Super Bowl Champion Joe Montana was a guest on ESPN's Mike & MIKE.  Click on the link below:


Justin Tuck on Comedy Central's Colbert Report

Former Notre Dame All-American Justin Tuck was a guest this week on Comedy Central's Colbert Report -- an interview you'll want to watch.


Super Bowl XLVIII: Justin Tuck Shows Off Rings

This morning on ESPN's Mike & MIKE Show former Notre Dame All-American and Captain of the New York Football Giants Justin Tuck, was showing off his Super Bowl Rings.

Notre Dame Stadium's Extreme Makeover !!!

The University of Notre Dame made it official in the past hour -- Notre Dame Stadium is going to be receiving an extreme makeover entitled the Campus Crossroads Project.


Notre Dame Stadium -- which had no purpose 353 days a year -- will now come to life YEAR ROUND with what will be the most ambitious building project in the 172 year history of the University of Notre Dame.

It's estimated the construction time for the three buildings (750,000 square feet of new space) -- that will integrate academics, student life and athletics -- will take 33 months once the project is started.

I can't wait!

Just click on the link below for more information on the new look and purpose for the "House That Rock Built."