Thursday, June 6, 2019

OT: Seventy-Five Years Ago Today! D-Day!

I can't imagine charging that beach...

Love the Brick Selection on the New Corby Hall

Took this photo last night of the brick going up on the new and improved Corby Hall on the campus of the University of Notre Dame.

I was anxious to see what brick was selected for this building -- which is attached to the Basilica of the Sacred Heart.  Notre Dame alums know all about the "Notre Dame brick" that was made from the mud around the two lakes on campus in the 1800's and it's familiar "yellowish-white" color...

Well -- as you may be able to tell in this photo -- the brick selected, has some characteristics that should match quite nicely with the Basilica's 149 year-old facade.

That's the legendary "Hand of God" tree -- an enormous Sycamore tree -- in the foreground.

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