Monday, February 2, 2015

Reputation Driving College Hoops Rankings

Let's look at two teams currently ranked in the TOP TEN this week -- one team will be called TEAM A and the other will be called TEAM B...
  • TEAM A has three losses this season
  • TEAM B has three losses this season
  • TEAM A has beat 3 ranked teams
  • TEAM B has beat 4 ranked teams
  • TEAM A has 3 losses by a total of 11 points
  • TEAM B has 3 losses by a total of 32 points
  • TEAM A beat TEAM B
  • TEAM A beat the other two teams that beat TEAM B 
  • TEAM A is 4 - 2 against like opponents with TEAM B
  • TEAM B is 4 - 2 against like opponents with TEAM A
  • TEAM A is in 2nd place in same conference as TEAM B
  • TEAM B is in 5th place in same conference as TEAM A 

One of the teams is ranked #10 in the country and the other is ranked #4 in the country -- in today's AP POLL.

Which team is ranked #4?  Is it TEAM A or TEAM B...


OT: How "Far is Far" to a Notre Dame Parent?

Those of you who follow the ND GO IRISH BLOG on a regular basis have seen stories over the past year that I've posted from a South Bend resident named Rick Becker.  Rick's son Ben is a freshman at the University of Notre Dame.

Rick recently was asked by a METLIFE agent "if his son attended college more than 100 miles away" from home -- as they negotiated a discounted auto insurance policy.

You'll enjoy this story...

Thanks for sharing Rick!


OT: Must Read Story for a Day Like Today...

If you think a little snow in the Midwest made your morning commute a little difficult -- read this story.

James Robertson walks a total of 21 miles a day to get to and from his job in suburban Detroit.  (FOURTEEN TOTAL HOURS A DAY -- COMMUTE TIME)

When you get done reading Robertson's story -- read the second link, on how a community has come to his aid...




Now 41 Domers Have Won Super Bowl Rings!

The New England Patriots win over Seattle last night earned two more former Notre Dame student-athletes SUPER BOWL RINGS.

Jonas Gray and Darius Fleming (Fleming is #58 in the photos above) have become the 40th and 41st former Fighting Irish players who have at least one Super Bowl ring.

You've got to love Darius' post on INSTAGRAM around midnight -- along with the photo he posted of his Dad after the game.