Wednesday, July 24, 2019

OT: Jaguars' CB Sending a $$$ Message...


Domer Leads Team USA to Historic Win!

Our former Notre Dame colleague Gerek Meinhardt -- led TEAM USA yesterday to its first World Championship in Foil!  The three-time Olympian and former Notre Dame All-American, won the key matches to clinch the title for America!!!

Photo above:  That's Gerek third from left.


"Most Anticipated Home Game of the Decade"

This is what Notre Dame Football -- being on Georgia's home schedule -- means to the folks in Athens...


The New "Indoor" Home of Notre Dame Football

The Fighting Irish had their first workout inside their new indoor practice facility...

ESPN's College Football's 150 Years...

CFB 150: Trailer from ESPNFrontRow on Vimeo.

This football season marks the 150th anniversary of college football in America.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Baton Twirlers at Notre Dame for 50th Year!

More than 8,000 twirlers and family members have arrived to Notre Dame -- for the annual America's Youth on Parade twirling competition.  This is their 50th anniversary at Notre Dame!

The best baton twirlers in the world are at Notre Dame these next five days.


Domer Jaylon Smith's "Cowboy Experience"

Got a feeling this will be the year Jaylon Smith becomes a NFL force...

Must See: Golden Tate Plays Royal Portrush

Got to love his golf ball!!! 

The former Notre Dame wide receiver played the course that just held The Open in Northern Ireland.

Here's a link to where you can buy these Shamrock Callaway golf balls:


Saturday, July 20, 2019

Mike Lee '09 Fights Tonight on FOX at 7 PM ET

The press conference begins at the 6:09 mark -- advance the video to that point.

The Notre Dame alum fights for the Super Middleweight Championship -- the folks at FOX will be talking about the Fighting Irish tonight!

Watch it LIVE at 7 PM ET on FOX.

A Fun, Hot and Memorable Notre Dame Night

The Liverpool Football Club has a "team song" that Jerry Lewis made famous at his annual Muscular Dystrophy Telethon...

It was a cool moment, when their fans sang this before the start of the match.

We need something like this for Notre Dame Football.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Liverpool's Klopp Talks Notre Dame's Facilities

Just Hours Away From a "Football" Game at ND

Liverpool will take on Dortmund tonight in a "soccer" match inside Notre Dame Stadium -- the fun begins at 8 PM ET.

You can watch it LIVE on TNT. 


Mike Lee '09 -- "Pain to Purpose..."

Watch Mike fight for a World Championship -- LIVE -- tomorrow night (Saturday) at 7 PM ET on FOX!


Thursday, July 18, 2019

FOX Interview: Mike Lee '09 & Caleb Plant

The Domer fights for a world title -- this Saturday night at 7 PM ET on FOX!

You'll want to watch this.

Mike Lee's World Title Press Conference...

Mike Lee '09, fights for the Super Middleweight World Championship this Saturday night -- LIVE on FOX beginning at 7 PM ET!

Know Thy Foe: Louisville's New Head Coach

Louisville's Bob Satterfield -- jumps from Appalachian State to a Power Five program...

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

This Saturday -- Lee '09 Fights for World Title!

Mike Lee -- a 2009 graduate of the University of Notre Dame, will step into a boxing ring this Saturday night in a fight for the IBC Super Middleweight World Championship!

The fight will be broadcast LIVE on FOX beginning at 7 PM ET!

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Photo of the Day: Raising Them Right in Iowa!

My two month-old cousin Arthur McCombs (pictured above) -- is wearing his very first (of many to come) NOTRE DAME T-SHIRT!

A momentous occasion for any young man or family!

Looks Like Golden Has a Deal with Callaway

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Refurbishing Update: Notre Dame's Grotto

Click on photo to enlarge.

 View from Grotto towards Saint Mary's Lake

 Railing and kneelers yet to be installed at Grotto.

New steps (east side) down to Grotto.

Construction Update: The New Corby Hall

Click on photo to enlarge

Very impressed with the brick they selected -- click on photo to enlarge

Construction Update: New Indoor FB Facility

Click on photo to enlarge
Video Board -- click on photo to enlarge

South End Zone -- click on photo to enlarge

Looks like Notre Dame's Football team and Men's and Women's Soccer teams will be able to use this new indoor facility in the very near future.

My Dad & Brother Win "The Prestige" Saturday!

My 82 year-old Dad Jim Small (former Detroit Tiger) and my brother Jay (Denver, CO) won the Turnberry Flight at this weekend's The Prestige -- Tullymore's member/guest tournament at Canadian Lakes, MI.

Both played quite well -- Jay carded a 76 on Saturday and Dad carded a 89 to team-up to win their flight!

And, you should know they're both huge NOTRE DAME FANS!

Today's Detroit Free Press had a story about a Tiger fan who had two favorite players; Charlie Maxwell and my Dad... 


This Domer Fights For A World Title July 20th!

Notre Dame alum Mike Lee '09 -- will fight for the IBF Super Middleweight World Championship this Saturday (July 20th) on FOX.

Golden Tate Travels to Northern Ireland to Golf

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Former Notre Dame Football Stars on NBC...

The annual American Century Celebrity Golf Classic is taking place this weekend on the shores of beautiful Lake Tahoe -- and a few former Notre Dame stars are playing in the tournament.  69 year-old Joe Theismann is leading the "much younger" Fighting Irish contingent...

Here's their scores in this modified Stableford format -- heading into tomorrow's final round.

28th:  Joe Theismann, 16 pts.
38th:  Golden Tate, 8 pts.
44th:  Jerome Bettis, 5 pts.
47th:  Tyler Eifert, 3 pts.
55th:  Tim Brown, -6 pts.
73rd:  Kyle Rudolph, -20 pts.

We can watch Sunday's final round on NBC at 3 PM ET.


USA's Top College Town to Start Your Career!

Guess which town in America ended up #1...


The Notre Dame Centre at Kylemore Abbey...

This is the Notre Dame Centre at Kylemore Abbey

 Kylemore Abbey -- click on photo to enlarge
Kylemore Abbey

Here's a few more photos from my trip to County Galway, Ireland -- earlier this week...

Thursday, July 11, 2019

An Interesting Ride Back to Dublin Airport...

Order of British Empire

Sovereign Military Order of Malta

Order of The House of Orange
If you follow my blog you'll know that I traveled to Ireland this past Sunday to meet with the Benedictine Nuns at Kylemore Abbey in County Galway...

During my time at Kylemore I met an individual by the name of Paul Smithwick.  Beer drinkers may recognize the last name -- yes, he's "beer royalty."  Paul's family began brewing Smithwick beer in 1702 in Kilkenny, Ireland.

Two years ago, Paul and his son Dan launched another brewery in Kilkenny -- Sullivan's Brewing Company.

Paul was kind enough to drive me from Kylemore Abbey to Dublin Airport (a four hour drive) on Tuesday.  During that time together -- I learned a great deal about Paul's career and some of the honors he's received...

I even convinced him to show me some of the "medals" that went with these honors (photos above).

I don't believe there are too many people walking around the planet who have been honored with the:

I can't thank Paul Smithwick enough for the hospitality he extended me -- driving me four hours to Dublin.  He didn't have to do that.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Notre Dame's "Shared Mission" In Ireland...

I arrived at the beautiful Kylemore Abbey (County Galway, Ireland) Sunday afternoon -- with a couple of my colleagues from our storytelling team at the University of Notre Dame.  We are meeting with the Benedictine Nuns -- who have lived here since 1920 -- on Monday and Tuesday.

I will post more photos over the next two days.

Click on photo to enlarge.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Anders Lee's New Contract Moves Him to #4!

Here's a look at the TOP 24 former Notre Dame athletes (football, basketball, baseball and hockey) who will be paid the most as a professional athlete:
  • Jeff Samardzija:  $127,625,000 -- guaranteed contract to 2021
  • Zack Martin:  $102,308,800 -- not guaranteed, contract to 2024 
  • A.J. Pollock:  $76,397,500 -- guaranteed contract to 2023 
  • Anders Lee:  $75,044,038 -- guaranteed, contract to 2026
  • Kyle Rudolph:  $74,173,950 -- not guaranteed, contract to 2024 
  • Golden Tate:  $71,478,749 -- not guaranteed, contract to 2022
  • Troy Murphy:  $66,000,000 
  • Stephon Tuitt:  $64,760,551 -- not guaranteed, contract to 2022
  • Harrison Smith:  $63,666,546 -- not guaranteed, contract to 2021
  • Brad Lidge:  $55,335,000
  • Bryant Young:  $44,000,000
  • Justin Tuck:  $43,248,463
  • John Sullivan:  $40,050,021 -- not guaranteed, contract to 2019
  • Jerome Bettis:  $35,122,500
  • Jeff Faine:  $34,456,892
  • Ronnie Stanley:  $33,354,331 -- guaranteed, contract to 2020
  • Kyle Palmieri:  $30,192,154 -- guaranteed, contract to 2021
  • Tim Brown:  $28,432,686
  • Matt Carroll:  $28,437,349
  • Joe Montana:  $26,000,000
  • Ian Cole:  $23,049,694 -- guaranteed, contract to 2021
  • David Phelps:  $19,233,850 -- guaranteed, contract to 2020
  • Michael Floyd:  $19,080,535 -- free agent
  • Rocket Ismail:  $18,000,000

The next big contract negotiation sits with Ronnie Stanley and the Ravens.  Baltimore just picked up Ronnie's "fifth year" option at $12,870,000 -- as they work on a new longer term deal.  STORY


Notre Dame is Ranked a Little Low On This List

Monday, July 1, 2019

2019 U.S. Senior Open -- Payouts Per Player

If you're looking to see who made what -- Sunday afternoon at Notre Dame's Warren Golf Course -- here's the payout for the 59 players who made the cut and finished the 2019 U.S. Senior Open golf tournament...