Friday, September 20, 2019

Georgia Royalty Hosts Notre Dame Tonight

Was fortunate to be able to tag along with Notre Dame alum Dick Corbett '60, to an event put on by former Augusta National Chairman Billy Payne (a former Georgia Bulldog football player) and his friends.  What a night -- here's some of the highlights...
  • We get off the bus and what are we greeted by -- four F-16 Fighter Jet's doing their test run over Sanford Stadium for tomorrow night's game
  • A beautiful view from the west end of Sanford Stadium -- the most beautiful natural grass field you'll ever see.  I learned that Georgia does not practice on the field -- only the kicker's have access to the field (one day each week)
  • We were treated to an event in Georgia Football's Recruit Lounge -- a very large facility that sits on the western edge of the Stadium -- it's slick
  • A gospel choir surprised us with a singing of Here Come The Irish and Georgia On My Mind 
  • Every table had Georgia guests and Notre Dame guests 
  • Broadcasting great, Vern Lundquist was the MC
  • The Governor of Georgia and their two (2) U.S. Senators were in attendance
  • Heisman Trophy Winner Herschel Walker
  • CBS's Sports' Chairman Sean MacManus
  • NBC Sports' President Pete Bevacqua (ND grad)
  • Jerome Bettis
  • Lou Holtz
  • Vince Dooley -- the legendary Georgia coach admitted he grew up rooting for the Fighting Irish, hoping to play for Notre Dame someday...
  • CBS's broadcast crew for tomorrow night; Nessler and Danielson 
  • University of Georgia's President and Athletics Director
  • Jack Swarbrick
  • Executive Director of the College Football Playoff
  • A number of Augusta National members
  • Shannon Cullinan (Notre Dame's EVP)
  • Tom Burish (Notre Dame's Provost)
  • Etc.

A truly wonderful event!

This is the first of three events (tonight and tomorrow) -- where Georgia is hosting Notre Dame...

There's a "Few of Us" Here in Athens, GA!

Just spent the last three hours in downtown Athens -- and saw some GREEN, BLUE and GOLD in the restaurants and sidewalks...

Even ran into a College Football Hall of Fame Coach walking the streets by himself -- then spent a good 30+ minutes talking with Lou outside our hotel -- with many Georgia fans interrupting for photos (I took many!)...

Coach Holtz took it all in stride.  That's Notre Dame alum Dick Corbett (of Corbett Hall fame) taking the photo for a fan with Coach Holtz.

I will tell you -- he's not happy that we're 15 point underdogs...

He jokingly said "Jim, I wouldn't wait until 8 PM -- I'd knock on their locker room door at noon tomorrow -- and tell Kirby; we're on the field right now, come and get it!"

Thursday Night With the ND Offensive Line