Monday, April 25, 2016

ND Day: "My All-Time Favorite 3rd Grade Class"

If this doesn't make you feel good about the youth of this country -- nothing ever will!

This is a 3rd Grade Class in Stockton, CA -- who adopted the University of Notre Dame.  LOVE THE PASSION and COMMITMENT!

Thanks Allison -- and thank you to Notre Dame's Class of 2029!

ND Day: "Country Music's Rising Star..."

Domer Zach DuBois -- performing his newest song on Notre Dame Day!

ND Day: "Named After the Stanley Cup"

Domer Stan Bowman '95 -- was a guest today on Notre Dame Day.  The "three-time" Stanley Cup Champion shared a great story about his name...

ND Day: "Kansas City's Favorite Soccer Son"

Matt Besler -- a member of the U.S Soccer's Men's National Team -- and MLS Champion with Sporting KC -- was a guest on Notre Dame Day today!

Notre Dame Day: "You Want Her on Your Team"

Notre Dame's Kiley Adams '17 puts on a show -- in this segment with ESPN's Mike Golic '85.

Notre Dame Day: "ND Legend Lou Holtz"

Legendary Notre Dame head football coach Lou Holtz -- joined us on Notre Dame Day last night!

ND Day: "Nick Eddy -- a Notre Dame Icon"

Notre Dame legendary running back Nick Eddy was a guest today on Notre Dame Day!  You'll love to know what he's doing these days!

ND Day: "An Extraordinary Notre Dame Story"

The Crowley's -- a Notre Dame family we can all be proud of -- a must see story!

Notre Dame Day: "My Dream School..."

Lan Zhou '19 -- is from China and her "dream school" was 6,000 miles away.  You will want to hear this story and hear Lan SING!

Notre Dame Day: "ND All-Time Great -- Skylar!"

The former "all-everything" here at Notre Dame -- joined us on Notre Dame Day last night!

Notre Dame Day: "Notre Dame Glee Club"

They never disappoint!

Notre Dame Day: "Not a Fair Fight -- Golic"

Folks, this is good...

ESPN's Mike Golic '85 -- takes on the challenge of fencing Notre Dame All-American Axel Kiefer. 

Notre Dame Day: "The Haircut" by Kintae Lark

South Bend's own "Barbmetologist" -- Kintae Lark -- sculpted a piece of art on the side of Notre Dame defensive tackle Pete Mokwuah's head, on Notre Dame Day!

Notre Dame Day -- "The Golic" Sub Contest

ESPN's Mike Golic '85 had a contest last night on the Notre Dame Day Performance Stage where he picked a sub sandwich that will be on the Legend's Restaurant menu this upcoming football season...

You are going to want to watch this!