Thursday, September 1, 2016

2016: Highest Ticket Value in College Football

I'd love to know how many Athletic Director's place a call each week to Jack Swarbrick asking to get Notre Dame on the schedule...

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Week #1 Notre Dame's Road to the CFB Playoff

Here's what I believe right now about the 2016 College Football Playoff picture:
  • The SEC Champion gets a Playoff spot
  • The Big Ten Champion gets a Playoff spot
  • Two of these four teams get the final two Playoff spots:  Notre Dame, Pac-12 Champion, ACC Champion or Big 12 Champion

If Notre Dame is 12 - 0 -- no brainer, we are in the CFB Playoff.  If we go 11 - 1, we will need to have beaten;  Michigan State, Stanford and USC.   That's the bottom line on our Playoff chances.

Each week of the college football season -- the ND GO IRISH BLOG will pick the key games that will have an impact on Notre Dame's selection to the College Football Playoff -- and who we would like to see win:


Alabama vs. USC  -- the obvious choice here is for ND fans to root for USC.  A win over Bama by the Trojans is a good thing for Notre Dame, since we do not play BAMA and we have USC Thanksgiving Weekend. FIGHT ON!

Oklahoma vs. Houston -- ND fans should probably root for Oklahoma here since Houston doesn't play another ranked team the rest of the season.  I can see them running the slate after this game and we don't want the Playoff Committee considering an undefeated Houston with the schedule they play.  Oklahoma still has a few games they can lose this season.  BOOMER SOONER!

Georgia vs. North Carolina -- ND fans should root for North Carolina in this game.  The Fighting Irish will play an ACC team this year that could beat the Tar Heels.  We need the SEC to be limited to one team in the CFB Playoff.  Any SEC "out of conference" loss is huge for ND.  GO CAROLINA!

Clemson vs. Auburn -- I'm going to go against my previous statement (flip-flopper) and will say that ND Fans should root for Auburn in this game.  Clemson is highly ranked and an upset here would be a good thing for the Fighting Irish.  Even with a win over Clemson, I don't believe Auburn gets through this season with less than 2 losses.  GO WAR EAGLE!

Ole Miss vs. Florida State -- The Seminoles are picked by many to win the ACC this season -- so ND fans should be rooting for Ole Miss this game.  Just like Auburn, I don't see Ole Miss getting through their season with fewer than 2 losses.  GO REBELS!

LSU vs. Wisconsin -- ND fans should root for the Badgers in this game.  I believe the Big Ten will only get one spot in the CFB Playoff -- and we need to limit the SEC to only one as well.  A win by Wisconsin leading to another SEC out of conference loss -- is a good thing for ND.  GO BADGERS!

UCLA vs. Texas A&M -- ND fans can root for either team in this game -- it's not going to matter who wins this game in the CFB Playoff picture. However, I will be rooting for UCLA.  UCLA still has Stanford and USC to play to get to the CFB  Playoff -- we have both on our schedule.  Texas A&M is not ready to contend for an SEC title this season.  GO BRUINS!  / GO AGGIES!

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