Monday, October 26, 2015

OT: Third Graders Mimicking the Jackson Five

Students from Baldwin Hills Elementary School in Los Angeles, CA -- got to love it!

ESPN's 30 For 30: "Catholics vs. Convicts"

Here's the back story about the film producer that ESPN hired to tell the story about Notre Dame's 1988 National Champions -- and their battle with Miami...


ESPN's College GameDay Going to Philadelphia

#9 Notre Dame vs. #22 Temple -- the biggest football game in Temple's history...


Must See: There is a Game at Notre Dame

Heywood Banks performing "There is a Game at Notre Dame" -- on the Bob & Tom Radio Show in Indianapolis.

OT: I Have Never Seen This on a Football Field

I made the trek up to Big Rapids Saturday to see the #3 ranked Ferris State Bulldogs host the #16 ranked Huskies of Michigan Tech.

Ferris won 24 - 14 to remain undefeated!

What caught me off guard was the photo above -- this is Ferris State's "standard" punt formation.  TWO PUNTERS -- one a right-footed kicker, the other a left-footed kicker.

Ferris makes the call at the line of scrimmage as to which punter will take the snap...

Maybe that school in Ann Arbor should have tried this...

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